Me and Sara's Story


1. about us

Me(Melissa) and Sara are best friends, since what? 3grade to now. We laugh of the most random stuff, we are crazy' as bitches. Mostly weird, but make us who we really are.. Right?

We both 18 and I(Melissa) have brown hair, and Sara have blond. We match all the time haha.. I love that girl, like she always there when I needed her, if I am afraid of looking back and front, but Then I have to look left, then she will be there. She is like my sister from another mom, but I don't care as long we are a family and enjoying each other, we can be together rest of our life's. Sara is a really good supporter, she is sweet, and funny and very crazy like I am. But that's fine with me, I am exactly like her. Sharing my life with her, makes my life better then it is today.

Me Melissa are 16 years old. I am from New York(the town that never sleeps) but live in California. My middle name is Johnson...Melissa Johnson, did you see what I did there ha? Haha, I love vanilla, and candy. I love beach.. And shop a lot, that's time of "girl thing"..

Hi and my is Sara I am 16 years old, I am older then Melissa just 5 days. (Same month). I live and was born I California. Ehm my middle name is Jackson.. Sara Jackson. I love the things Melissa love haha

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