Assassin's Way


1. ••Chapter one••


        My mind was focused on what was only in front of me and what was inside. The window and my victim. Even though flakes of snow were caught in my eyelashes and hair, I didn't dare to blink or shake my head to get them off. We- I mean 'I' usually sit in trees whenever I have to spy on my victims. It's a lot easier to- Well pardon me. You don't even know what's going on, do you? Let me explain, I'm Victoria Silver. Agent 404. I'm currently spying on one of my victims. I've already been spying on them for about three weeks now. Trust me, this is the hardest part of being an assassin. You have to watch them do the most sickening and revolting things. I've found myself gagging from time to time.  You know those 'Unsolved Mysteries' You see on T.V? That's us. We don't take someone's life without a reason. They obviously did something wrong without your knowledge. The government calls on assassins, like me, to watch them and kill them before they do anymore damage. So technically, we are checking twice before we kill you. And yes, I may admit, we may take wallets, ID's and etc. Hey, we don't exactly get payed a lot. 

        It's been about an hour now and my feet were beginning to burn from the lack of moving and the below freezing weather. Finally, my watch beeped. It was time.



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