Deep and meaningful

Cut deep.
Set free.



You cringe,

You die a thousand deaths.

You wish away all the regrets.


You don't need those to hold you back,

To remind you that,

what you did-

was one all wont forget.


A stupid test of life,

you claim.

Your test of stupidity,

They say.


You have all but failed,

There is nothing left to say.

Only resentment and bitterness,

and all that's left to hate.


Looking back,

It's hard to say,

why I did what I flinch to,

this very day.


Voices fill your head,

They get in your head.

Fill you with negativities,

So what's not to hate?


People tend to believe in things,

That are drilled in their head.

Like a fire closing in,

It is one you won't escape.


Do not be mistaken,

You will fall in the depths of your mistakes.

They will make sure you see it as of day.


The moment you think,

you have been released of fate's hate,

It haunts you back with a greater gaze.


Try as you may to leave it behind,

But you cry at night,

and hope for a sight,

that is far more different,

than the one before your eyes.







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