Deep and meaningful

Cut deep.
Set free.



Is it weird,

I find it hard to see,

How people strive for the need to live.


Dark grey,

Purple skies,

The rain pours before my eyes,

My heart bleeds at certain times,

What is it like to want to survive.


Let the wave,

Wash me away.

In my oblivion,

It is one to crave.


It's not difficult,

But like a wave,

It's continuous,

It does not wait.


How is it done without the pain,

For the only option,

Is one of shame.


Live it through,

A coward,

They say.

Do not let death make its way.


But so what if I do,

You are not one to say,

I did what I did because-

I wanted the easy way.


I am not giving in,

I am giving up,

Because each day is a torture-

I do not crave.

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