Lego House - the famous secret

Two lifes. Katy Nowak gets to meet Harry Styles. Part of One Direction. She doesn`t like him but that makes her just more interesting for Harry. Once they get to know each other their feelings grow. But what happens if one secret keeps them from what is meant to be?


2. Chapter 1 - Meet Katy (second part)

Last summer we spent at least 4 months apart and normally we couldn't even get through a day without seeing each other. That's why it was pretty hard, not only for him, but for me too. After 3 Months he couldn't make it anymore and broke up, just to ask me out the next day, saying he regreted it so much and he had a fight finding all kind of excuses for his behaviour. The worst part is, this all happened per chat, he didn't even care enough to give me a call. I, of course, went back to him and pretended nothing happened. But once I got back he found out from Tia by mistake what I did the night he broke up with me the first time, so once he knew, he broke up again but this time finally. I was so mad and frustrated the first time he broke up that I went out to get drunk. Sadly the night ended with me fucking some dude. Ironically, this dude is now one of my best friends in Biella, my hometown in Italy, right now. Anyways, Julien called me a selfish Bitch and that I'm disgusting. He was like: How can I look at you when someone else touched you? I can never marry you again. I was the only one who would have been allowed but now you just are a dirty and distgusting selfish bitch. You should become prostitue. 

We didn't talk for at last half a year, but then we starting talking again because of Tia, I mean its her brother, he hangs out a lot with us, so now we are friends again. 

"Katy, I'm sorry for bringing this up again, I shouldn't have. You know you aren't a Bitch. You never had anything with someone else expect Julien and Gian-Luca. And you sure as hell aren't selfish, you think way too much about others, you care too much."She gave me a sad smile. 

I nodded, happy to have such a great friend. I turned up the volume to stop this conversation. 


"And here is the new single of the amazing yet mystirious Lego House. It's already on number one, now tell me who is as good as her!?" 

"NUMBER ONE?!?!?" Tia and I startd screaming. 


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