Lego House - the famous secret

Two lifes. Katy Nowak gets to meet Harry Styles. Part of One Direction. She doesn`t like him but that makes her just more interesting for Harry. Once they get to know each other their feelings grow. But what happens if one secret keeps them from what is meant to be?


1. Chapter 1 - Meet Katy (first part)

Katys P.O.V.

As soon as I entered my apartment I unplogged my beats and connected my mobile to my stereo-system. I put the music on full volume and sang along to 'Cooler Than Me' by Mike Posner. I kind of like listening to older songs. Somehow I think the music is always getting worse as the time goes on, I mean gave you listened to this boy-band called One Detection or smth like that? 

I dont understand how they can be so famous, their music is shit, except maybe two songs... BUT they were written by Ed Sheeran. I hate that they dont compose and write their own music. How can a singer bring all the emotions and passion in the song while they sing if they didnt even created it? 

Well.. I think they cant and thts why I dont like One Detection at all!!

My apartment isnt big, in fact, its quite small. But its totally fine for us, we just love it like this. By us I mean Tia, my best friend, and I. Tia is soo much fun to be around with. She knews all my secrets and has, till this day, kept them. Her only flow is, she loves One Detection. When she starts talking about them, it never ends. You can only imagine how annoying that is, especially if you dont like the band at all! 

I danced into my bedroom, kicking off my chucks and fixing my long hair into a messy bun. I sat down infront of my mirror, starting to apply my foundation. 

My House is quite old styles but my furniture is modern. I have a small bed with Hello Kitty bedshets and a lot of Teddys spread on it. A small night table beside with the book Im currently reading on top; At the moment Im reading 'The Perks Of Being A Wallflower' by Stephen Chbosky. I just finised the first part, the last sentece made me love the book already: "And in that momen, I swear we were infinite." My acoustic guitar leaning on the night-table. 

I was sirting on the floor, getting my make-up done. I love black smokey eyes, they make my green eyes pop out; It used to scare the shit out of my ex, who is ironically Tias brother.

As I curled my bottom hair, Tia walked into my room holding up two dresses. 

One was black, strapless but about knee length. The other one was whitw covering her shoulders and tight on the chest but puffy on the rest. Not too much puffy to make her look like a Birthday cake but a little to bring a little style in the dress. The part separeting the tight from the puffy is a black line. The tight part of the dress revealing her back. 

I pointed on the black one. The white one was much prettier but not the better one for this party.

"Do you have some tights and a blazer?" she asked.

"Yes, I do. But I wont give you the tights. Stop covering your legs, they r beautiful!" I assured her. 

"Ugh... fine.. Hey, did you colour your hair?" 

"Yeah, I made the bottom blonder. Do you like it?" she nodded and left to get ready herself. 

My hair is naturally dark blonde and wavy. With the time my hair got darker to a light brown but it always had an ombre effect, today I just went to make it a harder 'contrast'.

Finally done with my hair and make up, I danced over to my pile of clothes, shattered around my small closet, to chosse my outift for the night.

I took one of my simple party dresses. It's a strapless heart-shaped one. The material covering my chest is a dark grey and the rest is black; As I'm in love with dark colors. There are two botton pairs at the the top-middle of the dress, making it look a bit navy. 

Its simple but I love it because it shows my amazing curves, as it is really tight, especially around my butt. I dont have a Nicky Minaj ass but it isnt that small either. It has the perfect form; My chest has also quite the normal size. I'm not a skinny bitch, but I am not fat either. Those are all reasons why I love my body and I am confidet about it. 

I slipped on my high heels and called Tia: "I'm ready, get your ass out here or I'll drive alone to Juliens Party! We are already an hour late." With these words she ran out looking stunning as always. 

"You and Julien should really start dating again! You were like the dream couple. And it'd be awesome if you'd marry my brother, dont cha think?" 

We locked the door ans got downstairs into my Audi A7. I allowed Tia to drive my baby just because I plan on getting really drunk tonight and she isnt much of a drinker.

"I know but you know he doesnt want anything more than a friendship between us after what I did last summer" I had to explain once again. 


Ok guys I know its a short chapter and I stopped writing but I first wanted to see what you think of it so far. I'll update the second part in a few days. Just gotta type it so dont worry, I have it done yet. 

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