The Hunger games that no one remembers.

Though the Capital is fighting off a uprising that wouldn't stop them from putting on the 76 hunger games. Before the games though Foxface's sister has been grieving over the lost of her big sister. In 12 however a new leader is rising. But when they both get into the hunger games it turns into a lot more then just a game.


13. Who is Meg?

Peach Spiky

My arms grab the tree. The tree feels like melted butter but I keep hanging. I start to swing. Three, two, one! I fall flat on my back with a loud BAM! I starting laughing like crazy, I feel tears dip down my face. Help me, I want to cry out for Meg but I know it's a bad idea. Where is she?

Dirty fingers wrap around me and drag me out. "Meg?" I say weakly but it's not useful because more hands in close me. They lift me off the ground. I don't fight them though maybe they think I'm already died. We walk for a few minutes before they stop and start to move me back and forth. I open my eyes and see a giant lake. Water I want to drink it all but then I know why I'm here. They plan to throw me. I gasp as much air as I can. "MEG! MEG PLEASE HELP ME! MEG!"

They start to move me back and forth faster and faster! I hear something coming out of a bush. I see a mess of blond hair coming at us. Meg, she came for me. "Let go of her!" Meg yells. Her voice sounds on edge with more then a hint of crazy. However it's to late. I go flying though the air and I go flat into the water. I only see Meg punch a girl in the face before I sink into the water.

Meg Goblet

What did I do? I lay on the ground trying to find out if I'm going mad. I must be right? I pull myself up on a tree and climb higher and higher. I grab a berry called Water Bean that I know is safe to eat. I sit there for about ten minutes eating the berries thinking about nothing.

I start to gaze off into space and I lean against the tree. Then I see people moving below me. I don't move in case they see me. My eyes are to filled with tears that when I see the girl they are carrying I think she's died. Oh well there is nothing I can do about her now. I wonder if Peach is died now if so I don't have to worry about her anymore. And at that time for the first time I want to be died. Then I hear a loud sound. It's Peach, she needs me. At the sound of her voice I fall out of the tree.

I don't even stop to think about the pain and I keep running. I'm leaded by her voice and I find my way. I come running into a bush. I see Peach from the other side of the bush. A group of people are about to throw her into the lake. "Let go of her!" I yell but it's to late. I punch a girl in the face just as I see Peach go into the lake. Oh no not Peach.

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