The Hunger games that no one remembers.

Though the Capital is fighting off a uprising that wouldn't stop them from putting on the 76 hunger games. Before the games though Foxface's sister has been grieving over the lost of her big sister. In 12 however a new leader is rising. But when they both get into the hunger games it turns into a lot more then just a game.


16. The start

Peach Spiky

"Pewch!" That sound comes from a muddy red shape. The shape called out again, "Pewch Plewes!" This time I turned around. Meg was still standing over me. I wish I didn't look up because when I see Meg's light blue eyes that are shocked by fear. I see Meg is also looking at the weird shape.

"Come on." Meg says and she drags me up. I roll off her back onto the ground again. I let out a small hiss as my leg goes pump into the ground. Meg picks me up again and starts to run. "We have to get out of here." I nod and look back. Just then my body froze, the muddy figure was still chasing them. "It's okay, it's okay..." At this point I can't tell if Meg is talking to herself or me but at this point I really don't care.

Finally The shape stops and whips the mud off their face. At once I see their gray eyes looking right into my amber eyes. "LEVON!" I yell his name as loud as I can. At this point I really couldn't care less who finds me.

"Pewch!" He says as blood runs down his neck, just as Meg ran away from him for good.

Meg Golbet

Come on Meg just keep running I say over and over to myself. Soon it will be night time and I got to get Peach and I away from him. Peach had yelled so loud all the others would have found us in a second if I wasn't so fast. However it didn't help that the whole time Peach was crying and calling out for someone.

Finally I get to a spot that is covered by trees. "Meg that was Levon! Why didn't you stop?"

"Do you really believe that! I was the one who killed him!"

"I KNOW!" Peach yells back at me.

I look around to see if anyone is around and then I see it. The orange bag with the stuff that makes you sleep! "Peach here drink this, it's berry juice." Peach doesn't look at me as she takes a long slip. Then shes out cold.

I watch as the faces go up on the night sky. First both from one, the girl from two, the boy from four, the boy from ten, and the girl from eleven. Yup Levon was still out there. For now.

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