The Hunger games that no one remembers.

Though the Capital is fighting off a uprising that wouldn't stop them from putting on the 76 hunger games. Before the games though Foxface's sister has been grieving over the lost of her big sister. In 12 however a new leader is rising. But when they both get into the hunger games it turns into a lot more then just a game.


21. Roxy the fox

Peach Spiky AKA Dylan Mao

It's about a minute into the hug when Meg and I let go of one another. I can hear people moving, yelling, and crying from outside. I can't even start to picture what's going on out there. "Should we go out?" Meg's voice rings a little in my ears as I turn around to face her. Blood is running down her face and onto the floor. "Just let me see." I didn't want to put up a fight so I let Meg open the door.

Meg looks out and stands there for a while. "Meg what's going on out there?" Meg turns her head around to look at me. Her place is as pale as snow. "Let me see." I rush to the door but Meg blocks it. She shakes her head no. "Let me see!" I let the tears run down my face and run at her. Meg puts her arm out to stop me and it worked. Since my leg still hurts it wasn't that hard. Then something weird happens Meg walks away from the door. Letting me go to the door without a fight.

I look out and see Levon and Roxy outside the door with two doctors holding them back. Roxy looks like she could strike at anytime and Levon looks like he was made to kill. Their faces look bright and it looks like there is blood on their suits.

Meg Goblet AKA Peach Allego

I watch as Peach looks out the door. "Peach?" She turns around to me. "Let's go." I walk past her and open the door. I walk out and look around at Foxy and Levon. "This as got to stop." I say. "Fox, your not a kid anymore and you never will be. You have a family and you have to protect them even if you like it or not! Levon can't you tell that Peach needs you?! Come on your twins for crying out loud!" I yell at them. They don't look surprised at all that I'm the one yelling at them.

"Meg. I don't want this. I know what they are like but I don't care okay. They are my family and I don't what to hear you speaking to them like this but your right. Roxy can't you just hurry up and grown up?" I see Fox's face turn red. "And Levon I thought you of all people would understand me like well Meg does." I feel my face grow pink and then I see Levon's face.

"You really thing Meg knows more about you then I do?" Levon says. Peach nods her head. "Then you are a fool!" Levon shouts.

"Roxy Spiky AKA Bella Time

"I mean she is kind of right Levon. Meg has spent more time and learned far more things about Peach then you have in your hole life." I tell Levon.

"Oh and your Miss. Perfect!" Levon shouts back.

"I never said I was!" I run out of the doctor's arms and run right at Levon. He also runs at me and we meet in the middle. Levon starts to shove me and I hit him. Meg runs at us and pulls us apart. I'm shocked at all strong she is. Then I see her.

Peach is standing there tears running down her face. "Peach." I say softly. But it's to late she's already running down the hallway.

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