The Hunger games that no one remembers.

Though the Capital is fighting off a uprising that wouldn't stop them from putting on the 76 hunger games. Before the games though Foxface's sister has been grieving over the lost of her big sister. In 12 however a new leader is rising. But when they both get into the hunger games it turns into a lot more then just a game.


19. I can't.

Peach Spiky

I run up and down the hallways trying to find a room that has the name Roxy Spiky on it but I can't. I went on every level, went by every door and then double checked it. Finally I bring myself to the front office to ask for help. As I walk over people give me lots of sad looks. I keep walking then I stop. How could I forget Meg? But then again I never saw her name on a door either. What is up with this place?

Finally I get to the office. The lady at the desk looks down at me like she's five feet tall and I'm only two feet. "Um, hello" The lady nods and waits for me to go on. "Well, I was wondering where Roxy Spiky and Meg Goblet's rooms are." The lady turns over to her computer, "wait and Levon Leann too!" 

"Roxy Spiky is known as Bella Time, Meg Goblet is known as Peace Allegro, and Levon Leann is known as Marshall Hill. You might be wondering about the code names but it's only to keep you safe. Lucky they are all on floor H. By the way your name is Dylan Mao."

"Thanks!" I say as I run out.

Meg Goblet AKA Peace Allegro

They quiz me over the names and I sit though a history lesson of way we have nicknames. I feel like I'm going to be sick by the time they are done. "Peace you have a visitor! Should I let them in?" I nod at her. I hope with all my heart that it will be Peach, please let it be Peach.

The girl who walks in as red hair like Peach by she has a different face. The girl has amber eyes and dark eye brows. Her hair is up in a ponytail. She looks down at a card in her hands and reads from it. "Are you Peace Allegro?" I nod and the girl sits down on my bed. Then I see the fire in her eyes. "Why did you do it?" Her voice starts to shake. Huh? "WHY DID YOU KILL MY SISTER?!"

"I don't know who your sister is!" The girl starts to cry and then I know at once. This is Peach's sister.



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