The Hunger games that no one remembers.

Though the Capital is fighting off a uprising that wouldn't stop them from putting on the 76 hunger games. Before the games though Foxface's sister has been grieving over the lost of her big sister. In 12 however a new leader is rising. But when they both get into the hunger games it turns into a lot more then just a game.


20. hellos and no goodbyes.

Peach Spiky AKA Dylan Mao

I run up 8 floors to get to floor H. By that time I'm all out of breath and seat down for a minute. Then I hear something. It sounds like someone crying. I pick myself up and slowly walk to the room. The name on the door says Peace Allegro. My heart starts to race. I'm about to run inside and give Meg a hug when I see her.

There is a girl with red hair sitting on her bed. I can't see her face but she is the one crying. I stay still. Instead of rushing in I stay by the door to see if I can hear anything. "I swear she's not dead. Please just listen." Meg says as the girl cries harder. "Look I can't baby you. I'm broken inside and well... you didn't even come back for her!"

The girl with the red hair stops crying and then rushes to her feet. "DON'T YOU GET IT?! THEY TOLD ME SHE WAS DIED. THEN I SAW HER ON THE TV AND WAS SO HAPPY THEN YOU HAD TO GO AND KILL HER!" I know that voice I had heard it numbers of times when I was growing up. It had to be Roxy.

"I DIDN'T KILL HER! SOMEONE ELSE DID I'M TELLING YOU." Roxy slaps Meg and Meg pushes her down.

"STOP!!!" I cry out.

Meg Goblet AKA Peace Allegro

"Peach?!" Foxface and I say at the same time. I have blood running down my face from where Foxy hit me. I run to the door but Foxy beats me to it. Then we both stop. The girl in the doorway looks nothing like Peach expect for her eyes and hair. This girl have blood shot eyes and scars running up her arm. Her face looks like she rolled around in dirt and never bothered to wash.

"Peach what happened to you!" Foxy yells at her. Peach looks around then back at Foxy. I see the tears start to form in her eyes. "Well? Was it the games?" Peach didn't say anything so Foxy keep going. "I can't believe it! This my sister and they ruined her!" Peach started to sob. Really hard. I grabbed her and pulled her in a hug. Then she pulled me into the bathroom.

"Peach what's wrong?"

"About two years she hasn't seen me and she never bothered to say hello. All she says is what a mess I am! I have been hoping and waiting for her because I always had hope in her! I had hope for two years! But she's already given up on me!" Peach breaks down again.

"Oh." I pull her into a bear hug as she cries into my arm.

Roxy Spiky AKA Bella Time

I push my face against the bathroom door trying to make out what Meg and Peach are saying to one another. I don't like what I hear. I never thought I was doing anything bad. I should have been more good a sister. "Bella?"  A boy's voice says behind me. I feel the anger crawl up my skin.

"THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" I yell at him not bothering to turn around.

"Sorry Rock." Huh? Only one person has called me that in my whole life. The person who I knew for about ten long years.

"Levon?" I turn around to see a blond boy standing behind me. Wow. I think to myself. While Peach looked dirty and ill Levon looks good. Like he's a rich man's son. He's so clean and he has no scars. "How did you get here?"

"The same way you did. I died."


Hey guys! I hope you like this "book" so far. I'm writing to say I wouldn't be on next week because of Easter! Plus I hope you guys like the new Roxy point of view. Please tell me if you want me to take her point of view off or please tell me if you want me to add someone else point of view (Don't forget to tell me who!)

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