The Hunger games that no one remembers.

Though the Capital is fighting off a uprising that wouldn't stop them from putting on the 76 hunger games. Before the games though Foxface's sister has been grieving over the lost of her big sister. In 12 however a new leader is rising. But when they both get into the hunger games it turns into a lot more then just a game.


1. I wish.

Peach Spiky

I watch as the 74 hunger games does a rerun, I see my sister Roxy run across the screen. Then the TV flips to Katniss Everdeen talking about her. Katniss called her Foxface and that only made me more mad. Did Katniss and Peeta know that "Foxface" had a sister? I hate Peeta because it was mainly his fault that my sister didn't come home. People have come other to my house to give bake gifts to my family because of her but the only gift I want is to have my sister back but thanks to Peeta that will never happen.

I look over a picture of Roxy and I of us picking berries by the river. The caption reads Roxy and Peach my only sunshine. I'm surprised it's still there, when Roxy dies in the games we got rid of all the pictures of her so maybe we could forget about her but I just can't. 

I get on my Reaping dress, a shiver dress with white diamonds. We got it a long long time ago. I wanted to sell it to send food to Roxy in the Hunger games but no one had enough money to pay for it. The diamonds shine in the faded light of the morning. My mom comes up and we head down stairs. My heart bets hard on my ribs. "Ready?" My mom asks in a soft voice. I nod and my hands shake. My name was entered in the reaping ten times even though I'm only 12. I remember going up and writing Peach Spiky on a slip and putting it into the bowl. I remember how I wanted to throw up when I wrote it.

I think back to when Roxy had wrote her name thinking that no harm could come to her. But then when her name was called and time stopped. I can't help it, my hands are sweaty. My mom walks me over to the circle of the town. Where we all wait, hoping it wouldn't be us who get picked. I try to think it's not likely that I will get picked but after they pulled out a slip two years ago and read out loud "Roxy Spiky." I know nothing will be the same. I wish Roxy was back.

Meg Goblet.

Today is the reaping. I can't breath. I mean I could win but would I? I just pray that they wouldn't pick my slip. Even though I only got put in the reaping once, anything can happen. Just like Prim got picked even though she only had one slip in the whole bowl. 

If I do get picked I will be put in training with Katniss. Her sister Prim is my best friend so I know Katniss pretty well. I also know Peeta and Gale. However I do not like them like Katniss because she is the sister I never had. I only have brothers and Katniss is the perfect sibling. I can tell Katniss is not looking forward to training people. I know I would also not like to train people just to watch them die before my eyes.

I pull on a blue sweater and white pants. My older sister comes and takes me by the hand. I only nod at her and we walk towards town. My baby brother is sleeping in my mother arms because they are already there. The boys and girls line up in rows. I look over at Prim and my other friend Raven, they both look sick to their stomach and I'm not going to lie I am to. I try to get my mind off things and look around. I see Katniss, her face is hidden. Peeta has his arm on her and I see them talking to one another.

At times like this I wish I had someone like Peeta to help me get though things like this. All I have is my family who help but sometimes I don't think they even know I'm alive. In ten minutes they will read off two names, a girl and a boy.  The girl could be me, but will it? I wish I could just disappear.

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