Treaty of Eisengard

Six nations. Six government collapses. One two-thousand year-old treaty. One heir to the throne left. After an incident occurs, Valentine Mercier is thrust into a dangerous situation. News of the government collapses' had come quickly, and everyone had heard it was under control, but little did the world know. Complete Anarchy and Chaos had broken out amongst the six nations.


1. Prologue

 It’s the year 2026, three weeks ago I was in an incident, and I had been in the lower downtown area, when I came across a young man, who was not likely to be older than nineteen. He was surrounded by a group of four to five older men, two of which held guns, none of the older men noticed me, and I knew I couldn’t let him be shot by these men, no matter what the circumstance. I had changed my course so that rather than walking past them, I would be walking towards them from their blind side. Tapping one of the armed men on the shoulder, I realized just how dangerous this actually was, but I also knew that if I hesitated I would die. He had spun quickly to face me, surprise lingered momentarily in his eyes, and my hand shot out, stealing the gun away from him. I turned to the four attackers and took three steps back, before saying to them, “I suggest you all leave, before I call for reinforcements.” They all looked terrified, glancing at one another, they seemed to make the group decision to flee. I moved fluidly, adrenaline bubbling up inside me, towards the young man, who had stayed kneeling on the pavement. “Are you okay? They didn’t hurt you did they?” I questioned him, but I needn’t have asked, blood was already staining his white dress shirt. I remember him trying to speak to me, but I wouldn’t listen, I was too busy calling the ambulance to care about what he was saying, which, in hindsight, was woefully naïve of me. The last I saw of that young man was him calling out to his ‘saviour’ as the paramedics rushed him into the ambulance. I made my way home in a sort of daze after that, no longer interested in meeting my friends for dinner. As soon as I got home I sat my parents down and discussed the events of the evening with them, at first they were angry I’d been so reckless, and then they’d been proud of my heroics. Straight after they had sent me upstairs to rest, and I called my closest friend Florence, and told her about the whole situation. She was needless to say impressed, but she was also worried about how my reckless reaction had been tied to my emotional state. I have chronic depression, and I had recently fallen into a position in which it could be easily said that my depression was back, although I knew that was not the case. Now, thrust into a world I don’t yet entirely understand, I wonder if I made the right decision when I agreed to do this.

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