2. day of my brithday

i woke up to my alarm playing English Love Affair by 5 SOS and i jumped out of bed and walked downstairs to see a note on the table.

dear taryn

sorry if i wasnt there when you woke up but i have to drive into the city to get your present for your birthdy i won't be there to pick you up from school so walk home have a great day

from mum and dad

great now i have to walk home adn tried not to get bashed by the plastics of the school. i walkked back upstairs and changed the songs to random on my phone and plugged them into the speakers and got ready. i put on my black ripped skinny jeans and my hemmings '96' shirt with my blackk jumper and white vans. i put my hair up in a high ponytial im not being bothered to straighten my hair and i also put on my makeup.

i walked to school and i saw all of the plastics croweded around a limo and one girl screamed "OMG ITS 5SOS" i just kept walking into the school.

when i got into the building my best friend Kiki runs up to me and hugs me and says "OMG Taryn we have a band performing at our school and the only class me and you have all day is MUSIC" i looked at her and then screamed "REALLY WE ONLY HAVE MUSIC TODAY YES!!!!!" we laughedd and walked to our lockers, when we opened out lockers the plastics of the school came over and said to me and Kiki " I so wish you tow were never born because then we can stop bulling you and taryn are you still cutting and by the looks of it you are cause everyday you are wearing wrist bands at least 8 or 9 or is it 10 now" and then they start laughing at me and Kiki just then i saw four shadows our the corner of my eye standing behind me and Kiki and then one of them put there arm around my waist and the plastics looked at me like there eyes were saying 'you hate when guys put there arms around your waist' then one of them said "Leave her alone she didn't do anything to you at all and leave her friend alone" i was thinking n my head that this feels familair and i don't want to pull away cause i feel safe. they left and then the guy that had his arm around my waist turned me around and one of the others turned Kiki around and they said to us "Are you tow girl alright?" we nodded h=our heads and then i said "i.... we have to go to class but thankyou for helping us out".

when i got to music with Kiki we took our normal seats in the back cause all of the plastics always filled the room before we got there. when i sat down i put on Amnesia and layed my head down on the table and started crying sliently when the teacher said to the band thst was teaching us for 3 months to go and talk to me and then Kiki tapped my shoulder and said "Taryn those are the guys that helped us in the hallway" i then pulled my locket out of my shirt and opened it and stared at my twin brother thinking about what he was doign now. just then the guy with bright red hair grabbed a chari and sat next to me and pulled a locket out of hist shirt and his was shaped like a guitar and opened his and put the photo next to mine and he said "Taryn is this you?" i nodded my head and askedd him "is tis you?" he nodded his head then jumped into his arms and cried with joy cause i finally found my twin he hugged me back and started crying as well. Kiki looked at me then at the red hair guy and siad "wait wait wiat you two are twins. we both nodded our heads. and then i asked "wait but how do you know my name and i don't know yours" then i thought for a moment adn said "OMG i just realised that you are michael clifford is my twin Kiki" i then looked at my brother and said "Mikey mum forced me to mover with her and left you behind cause she didnt want us to be toegther when we reached high school." Mikey said "Really i thought she took you becasue dad and her split and she said that he wanted me and not you" i said that is also part true he wanted to keep us both but mum wouldn't allow it and took me away at midnight and i was crying for months on end when we arrived in America to live with her new husband i want to go home back to dad and i don't care if he has remarried." Mikey said "taryn dad has been trying to find you here in America wait one second he is here with us" i said "really can i see dad?" Luke sadi "you two wait here we will go and get your father ok" i nodded my head and when Luke, Calum, and Ashton left the room all of the plastics turned towards me and said "yopu are not Michales twin he doesnt have any siblings" Mikey then siad "I only say that but i do have a twin and its Taryn so go suck some guys dick on the football team oh wait all of you popular people are virgins!" Kiki and i looked at eachother and burst out laughing and we had to hold onto our sttomaches cause we were laughing that hard . the plastics all went red in the face adn then i coulln't keep my mouth shut and said "and you call me a slut when you plastics haven't even lost it yet" and i started laughing again and then the head plastic said " Well Taryn miss twin perfect have you?" i sadi "why should i tell you my sex life now shut up tp do you stupid music assignment Kiki and i have finished ours so shut your trap and do your work" they all tuned around and then Mikey looked at me as if to say 'have you?' i mothed "no way in hell mum would kill me" and im thinking in my head if only he can see the bruises i have on my skin from her.

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