When we were 18

Evie is 17 almost 18 and doing her last year of high school. Her life is a living hell, because of the boy with curly hair and his group of friends. Although things start to get weird and all of a sudden Evie is faced with something she thought was the impossible.


1. Chapter 1

Hi my names Paige, Paige Lively.

I'm 18 years old, I'm originally from Brighton and have grown up their my whole life but recently I was forced to move to South Yorkshire with my family because my dad got a work transfer. Sadly this means I have to start at a new school, which for most is daunting but for me it's a whole new level of daunting. You see I'm not really the one to socialise much or to even be noticed at school, but it would be nice to have more than 3 friends ya know. I'm just really awkward, I'm the class nerd I guess which if you ask me is so overrated because I am into other things than books but people just choose to look at me stereotypically.

The house my family and I have moved to is relatively large so for once my sister and I get sepearate rooms and as per usual so does my brother. My brother is a year older and my sister is two years older. Leila should really move out soon so should luke but ya know they aren't doing a whole lot with their lives.

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