Crown Of Thorns (An Andy Biersack Fanfic)

Ravyn Wynters, 22, a tattoo artist by day and a bartender by night, who resides in Hollywood, California takes life as it comes. She thinks nothing of her life in California until she meets Andy Biersack, a music store owner who has a dark secret. Follow Ravyn on this wild ride as she discovers things about herself and her new companion.


2. The Start.

~Ravyn's P.O.V~

It all started on a rainy night at the bar. It was about to close, until this guy came in. He seemed a bit mysterious but, he was super gorgeous. Jet black hair, icy blue eyes, and baby pink lips that looked so perfect."I would like a drink, please.",the guy said as he sat on a stool in front of the counter. "Sure. What kind of drink would you like?",I asked as I looked at him,looking into his eyes. Gosh, his eyes...They were so hard to look away from. "Jack Daniels, please",he responded. I nodded before I poured some Jack Daniels into a glass and started to drink. Once he was done with his drink, he got up from the stool and I finished cleaning the place up and was ready to close. Me and him walked out of the bar together. I knew it was raining but, I didn't know it was raining as bad as it was. I was trying to flag a cab until, a car drove up and the windows rolled down to reveal the mysterious man that was just in the bar. "Would you like a ride home?",he asked. "Sure",I responded. He jerked his head as a signal to tell me to get in the car. I ran over to the car quickly and got into the passenger's seat. "So, where do you live?",he asked as he looked over at me. "305 Adam's Boulevard",I responded."Damn...That is way too far to drive in this type of weather. I'll just have to take you to my house",he said as he looked at me. "Okay",I responded, a bit suspicious of him at first.

Once, we arrived at his house, he unlocked the front door and walked inside. I followed right behind him,closing the door behind me. "Nice house",I said as I looked around. "Thanks. By the way, I didn't quite catch you name.",he responded as he looked at me. "Ravyn...Ravyn Wynters. What's yours?",I said with a smile. "Andy Biersack",he responded. His voice was extremely deep and when you first look at him, you would never think a voice like that would come out of him but, it did. Me and him sat on the couch. "So, Ravyn tell me a bit about yourself",Andy said as he looked at me, it seemed as if he was examining or studying me. "Well, I'm 22 years old. I am a tattoo artist and I'm also a bartender as well. I like to read, draw and listen to music when I'm not working",I said with a soft giggle. "Awesome",Andy responded with a slight chuckle. "So, tell me about yourself,Andy",I said as I looked at him, studying his features a little more carefully as I watched him. "I'm 24 years old. I own a music store. I love Batman, I occasionally draw and I love music", Andy responded with a smile. This was the start of a friendship, a friendship that would change me forever.

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