Crown Of Thorns (An Andy Biersack Fanfic)

Ravyn Wynters, 22, a tattoo artist by day and a bartender by night, who resides in Hollywood, California takes life as it comes. She thinks nothing of her life in California until she meets Andy Biersack, a music store owner who has a dark secret. Follow Ravyn on this wild ride as she discovers things about herself and her new companion.


4. Protector

~Ravyn's P.O.V~

My eyes fluttered open as I slowly sat up. "What the hell?",I mumbled to myself as I scratch my head. What type of dream was that? I shook my head as I ran a hand through my hair. Mmm, something smelled so good. I got up and followed the scent as it filled my nose. It led me downstairs and into the kitchen,where Andy was cooking breakfast. "Good morning,Ravyn",Andy said with a smile as he continued cooking. "Good morning",I responded as I sat down at the table. "Here's your breakfast",he said as he sat a plate of bacon and scrambled eggs in front of me. "Mmm, looks delicious",I responded with a smile as I picked up a spoon and began eating. Andy sat at the table also and began eating a plate of bacon and eggs. The food tasted amazing, but there was something on my mind. Something about that dream that bothered me. It seemed so real. A little too real to me.

"Oh and Ravyn,I have an outfit already made for you",he says with a chuckle.

"Awesome",I respond with a smile.

"Check upstairs in the bathroom",he said with a smile.

I nodded and ran upstairs to the bathroom to see a Kiss shirt and a pair of black distressed jeans hanging up. "Awesome",I said to myself, before I started to put his clothes on. I looked at myself in the mirror. Again, his clothes were always a bit baggy on me but, I can't complain. I look awesome in them. I walked downstairs. Andy was sitting on the couch, watching the news. "The temperatures are gonna drop later on tonight and a possible blizzard will be heading our way",I heard the tv say. "Shit...",I said to myself. Andy must have heard me because he looked over at me and chuckled softly. "I gotta get home today",I said as I ran a hand through my hair. "Well, I have an idea..Why don't you come live with me?",Andy said as he looked at me from the couch."No...I couldn't,Andy. I've been too much of a burden on you already",I responded. "Actually, you haven't. It's been pretty cool,having you stay with me these past few nights. Having you actually stay here would make it even more fun",Andy said with a smile. How could I turn him down? His smile is too irresistible to say 'no' to. "Alright...Fine",I responded with a soft giggle. "But,I may need you to drive me over to my house to get some of my things",I added. "Alright",Andy said as he got up and turned the tv off.
Me and Andy walked out of his house and towards his car.He got into the driver's seat and I got into the passenger's seat."You live at 305 Adam's Boulevard,right?",he asked as he looked over at me. "Yeah",I responded with a nod. As Andy drove,I showed him the directions. Then,we finally arrived at my house.

We got out of his car and headed towards the front door. I unlocked the door and walked inside, Andy following behind me. "Awesome place",he said with a smile. "Thanks",I responded with a proud grin. I'm guessing my Kiss and Motley Crue posters are quite the conversational pieces. I ran upstairs and into my bedroom. Grabbing a suitcase and opening it, I put some clothes into the suitcase. I then, grabbed some pictures of me and put them in. The last things to go into my suitcase was my toothbrush and toothpaste. I closed my suitcase and headed downstairs to see Andy waiting for me. "Ready?",Andy asked. "Yeah",I responded as I walked towards him. He nodded before turning around and walking outside. I followed behind him, closing the door behind me. Andy took my suitcase from me and put it into the trunk before closing it. I got into the passenger's seat and he got into the driver's seat. He started to drive back to his house.

Once we arrived at his house, we got out of the car and went up to his front door. He unlocked it and I went inside. Andy went back to the car and got my suitcase out of the trunk before closing it and coming inside. "So, where's my room?",I asked. "Right this way",Andy said as he lead me up the stairs and into a room. But, I knew this was his room. "Andy,this is your room",I said as I looked over at him, before taking my suitcase from him. "I know",Andy responded with a grin. "Well,why can't I sleep in the other room?", I asked him, slightly confused by this rooming arrangement. "Because the other room is the guest bedroom",he responded as he looked at me. "But,I am a guest",I said with a soft giggle. "No,you're not",Andy responded with a smirk. "Then, what am I exactly?",I asked, a small smirk starting to form on my face. "A friend that's living with me",Andy responded. "Well,I will admit, you have a point",I said with a laugh. "I know I do",Andy responded with a cocky grin. I shook my head as I giggled softly and started to unpack my stuff and settle in. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and decided to call into the tattoo shop for the day, I knew I'd never make it. "Hey Kat. There's some things I have to take care of so,I'll have to call in today",I said into the phone. "Of course,hun. I understand.",Kat responded. "Thank you,so much. Bye Kat",I said before hanging up. I finished settling in.  I decided that I'll just stay here until it's time to head to the bar. I went downstairs and watched tv with Andy until it was time to go. I then got up and headed out the door to the bar.

I walked into the bar and greeted the bar manager, Jack. Then, I took my place behind the counter. I served our usual customers and a few new faces. I took a bit of a break and had a drink. One too many. Then, Andy came in. I poured a glass of Jack Daniels for him because I knew that's what he liked. He sat down on a stool and I handed it to him. "Got it made for me already?",he asked with a chuckle as I handed it to him. "Yup",I responded with a giggle. He finished his drink. "Ravyn, let me get another Jack Daniels",he said. "Another Jack Daniels coming right up",I responded as I gave him another one. He kept ordering drinks and I snuck a few more myself. Until, this rowdy customer came in. "Look chick,I want a drink",she said with a angry tone to her voice. I glared at her. "Better watch who you're talking to",I snapped back, my drunkiness,not really kicking in yet. "Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?",the girl asked with a smirk. "I'm gonna make you swallow your teeth,butch",I snapped before starting climb over the counter. All of a sudden I felt someone grab me. "I think it's time for you to go home",I heard Andy say as he carried me out of the bar.

Andy carried me back home. He laid me down on the couch and sat next to me. Damn, Andy looked so good...

"Andy?",I said as I sat up and looked at him.

"Yeah?",Andy responded as he looked at me.

"Thank you for stopping me and keeping me from losing my job",I said as I looked down at my fingers before looking back up into his icy blue eyes.

"Don't mention it. I don't know if I would've wanted to see what would've happened to that girl",he responded with a chuckle.

I giggled softly at his remark. I bit my lip as I continued to look at him. He started to lean in. I leaned in too and then, our lips met. I grabbed his shirt and pulled him on top of me as I started to lay back. He licked my bottom lip, begging for entrance and I let him in. I could still taste the Jack Daniels on his tongue. He slid his hand up my shirt as he started to kiss down my neck. I moaned softly as he hit my sweet spot. I ran my hands down his back.

~Andy's P.O.V~
As I kissed down Ravyn's neck, I stopped once I reached her carotid artery. I licked her neck, before lifting my head up slightly. My fangs started to protrude and my lust for blood was higher than ever. I leaned into her neck. Then,I felt her body go limp. Oh my gosh... I almost...I almost bit her...

It was the night of November 28th,1943. I was just coming home from a party at a friends house. It seemed like a normal night for me, but for some reason I kept feeling like I was being watched. Then,I started to hear these strange noises. I looked around but, there was no one on the street...Or at least I thought there was no one on the street. Then, all of a sudden, I was pushed to the ground. I turned over to see a woman. I tried to push her off me but, I couldn't... Then, she flashed her glistening fangs..I started to feel a stinging sensation in my neck...I blinked and then,the woman was gone....

It was then that I realized that I was attacked by a rogue vampire...My body was so weak...I barely managed to crawl back home. I was weak and I needed blood. I did manage to catch one human. Then, I was fully replenished. I had learned to live my life as a creature of the night.

Then, in the year of 1992, I got into some problems with some other vampires. I got injured pretty badly. Ravyn's family found me on the edge of death. They took me in for a bit. They kept me in hiding and they gave me blood to help replenish myself. I expressed my gratitude to them by promising them that I'd watch over Ravyn and protect her...

"Thank you, for everything you've done",I said to Ravyn's mom and dad.

"You're welcome",Ravyn's mom responded.

I wanted to find a way to repay them for all they've done for me. I looked down at her protruding belly.

"Is it a boy or girl?",I asked as I looked at her.

"A girl. Her name is Ravyn",she responded happily. I smiled at how happy she was.

"As a way to thank you, I promise to protect and watch over Ravyn for as long as she lives",I said with a smile.

~End Of Flashback~

Ever since she was born, I spent my life protecting her and watching over her, but making sure to stay in the shadows. I had finally decided that it was time for us to officially meet and somehow,I ended up falling in love with her...

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