Crown Of Thorns (An Andy Biersack Fanfic)

Ravyn Wynters, 22, a tattoo artist by day and a bartender by night, who resides in Hollywood, California takes life as it comes. She thinks nothing of her life in California until she meets Andy Biersack, a music store owner who has a dark secret. Follow Ravyn on this wild ride as she discovers things about herself and her new companion.


6. Escape Plan

~Ravyn's P.O.V~

~A few days later~

I sat by the phone and waited for Andy to call...I can't take this anymore. I'm really starting to worry...I need to find him. I got up from my bed and packed some clothes into a suitcase. I walked over to the closet and grabbed one of Andy's leather jackets...This was all I had left of him...This was all I had to hold on to. Where would I go to find him? He didn't tell me where he was going... I sighed as I put Andy's jacket on. I grabbed my suitcase and walked downstairs. I opened the front door and walked outside, closing the door behind me. I turned around and looked at the house that had became my new home. "Goodbye...",I mumbled as I started to walk away with my suitcase in my hand. I walked and walked. I walked past the bar, past the tattoo shop...It felt as if I was leaving my life behind. I was leaving my soul behind and searching for a new one in some unknown part of the world...I then, walked by my old house, until I saw something shiny laying on the ground... I knelt down and picked it up, examining it thoroughly. It was my necklace that I always wore around my neck. I could've sworn that I brought it over to Andy's house when I moved...What could it possibly be doing laying here? Andy?

I smiled to myself at the thought of Andy. Before standing up and putting the necklace in the pocket of the jacket. I decided that I'd hitchhike somewhere. I can't walk all the way there. The only problem is, I don't know where there is..

I sighed as I stuck my thumb out, hoping someone would stop. Lucky me...Someone stopped...A black car pulled up with tinted windows. The widows rolled down and there was a guy sitting in the car. Quite attractive but, not as attractive as Andy. He jerked his head towards the passenger seat. I walked over to the car and got into the passenger seat. "So, where ya heading to, babe?",the guy asked as he looked over at me. "I..uh..",I stammered. "You don't you?",he asked with a laugh. "No, I don't",I responded with a soft giggle. "Don't worry,I'll see if we can find a place for you",the guy said with a chuckle. "So, what's your name?",I asked him as I looked over at him. "Elijah...But,most of my friends call me,Eli. What's yours?",he asked. "Ravyn", I responded. "Cute name for a very cute girl",He said with a smirk. "Well,thank you, Eli",I responded. "No problem",he said. He drove for quite a long time. I couldn't tell how long because we were moving non-stop. Then, I seemed to awake from my daze once I saw that we finally stopped and I realized it was night time."Where are we?",I asked Eli as I looked over at him. "Vermilion, Ohio",Eric responded. "Awesome", I said. I looked across the street to see a bar. Me and Eli got out of the car and walked over to the bar. We walked into the bar and sat on the stools in front of the counter. "So, what type of drink would you like?",Eli asked me. "Jack Daniels",I responded as I sat there. "Let me get a red wine and a Jack Daniels",Eli told the bartender. The bartender gave me and Eli our drinks. Eli drank his drink. And I started to drink mine...Then, I started to feel light-headed...

My body had awakened but, my eyes hadn't quite opened yet. "Does she know where he is?",I heard a male voice say. "No. But, she has his scent on her",I heard a female voice respond. What in the hell is going on? I have whose scent on me? What are these people bloodhounds? "I'm gonna check her right now",I heard the male voice say. Then, I felt a soft touch on my neck. "His scent is very strong on her. They've had a lot of contact with each other", the male voice. "I think they lived together",I heard the female voice say. "Ya know, Nikki, she would make a perfect slave or in other words, blood bank",I heard the male voice say. My eyes opened as I slowly sat up. "Look who decided to wake up",I heard the male voice say, it turned out to be Eli. I looked over at the woman to see it was Nikki, the woman I met a few days ago. "What in the hell is going on?",I asked as I slowly got up. "Nothing...Just a little hunt for your friend,Andy",Eli replied. I started to back away. I saw a door and ran over to it but, Nikki ran to the door before I did. "Nikki, bring her to me",Eli said. I tried to break out of her grip, but she was too strong..Is this chick bionic? "If you want to live, I'm suggesting you be a good girl and listen to me. You may not know where your friend is, but believe me, wherever he is now...He's probably dead",Eli said with a smirk. "What the fuck did you do to him?",I asked as I glared at him. "Mmm, we have a feisty one",Eli said as he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him. "It's feeding time...and to answer your question, I sent my disciples after him",he said before I started to feel a stinging sensation in my neck. I pushed my hands against his chest, but after a few minutes of pushing I gave up. What if Andy really is dead? If he is then, I might as well not even try to fight this guy...He pulled away from my neck. "She's good...I'm surprised that Andy didn't taste her when he had the chance",Eli said with smirk. I held my neck as I still felt the pain from Eli's bite. Watching as my blood dripped from Eli's fangs...So,are they saying that Andy is a vampire? He was so sweet and gentle. Unlike these two. I felt someone's eyes on me...I looked over at Eli. "Nikki, I think my hypnosis is working on her...She'll be a perfect slave",Eli said. Well, if he wants to try hypnotizing me,I'll fix him. I'll let him think his hypnosis worked on me until, the time comes and I can make my escape...

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