Crown Of Thorns (An Andy Biersack Fanfic)

Ravyn Wynters, 22, a tattoo artist by day and a bartender by night, who resides in Hollywood, California takes life as it comes. She thinks nothing of her life in California until she meets Andy Biersack, a music store owner who has a dark secret. Follow Ravyn on this wild ride as she discovers things about herself and her new companion.


3. Damn...Another Storm

~Ravyn's P.O.V~

I roused myself from my slumber. I looked around and got up quickly, realizing that I have to get ready to head to the tattoo shop. Then, I remembered that I wasn't home...Shit..I sighed as I looked around, wondering where Andy is. "Need me?", I jumped at the sound of his throaty voice, turning around to look at him. "I'll be right back",Andy responded, before running up the stairs.


He came back down with an Iron Maiden shirt is his hand and a pair of black jeans. "They're mine but, I'm sure you can at least try to pull this off",he said with a slight chuckle. "Fine",I responded, before running upstairs into the bathroom and putting on his clothes. I slid my converses on my feet. It fitted pretty. Well,it was a bit baggy since, I'm 5'10" and he seems to be a bit taller than me. I ran back downstairs to Andy. "Wow, it fits you perfectly",Andy said with a grin as he looked at me. I smiled and blushed softly. "Thanks for the clothes",I said with a smile before grabbing my bag and jacket. "No problem. Oh and here",Andy said as he handed me a piece paper, I opened it and I saw Andy's name and number sprawled across the paper. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote my name and number on it before giving it to him. He smiled and took it. "So,meet up at the bar later?",he asked as he looked down at me. "Sure",I responded with a smile,before heading out the door and walking a few blocks to the tattoo shop.


I walked in and greeted the other tattoo artists and the manager, Kat. "Hey Kat, Kandi, Ashton, Jayne, Briallen",I said as I waved at them. "Hey", they all said in unison. I set my bag down and went straight to work as my first customer of the day walked in. It was always interesting, working in the shop. You'll never know who you'll meet or what you'll see. I went through many faces and bodies as the day went on. From vintage pin-up ink to a flaming vintage microphone, a sea of ink always keeps me on my toes here. I smiled as I did the tattoo of my last customer. "All done",I said with a smile as I finished it. "Thanks",the guy said with a smile. "No problem",I said with a smile. He paid Kat before, walking out.


I grabbed my bag and jacket, sliding it on. We all walked out and Kat locked the shop up. We all waved at each other before, walking separate ways. I walked over to the bar and walked inside. I greeted the bar manager, Jack. I took my jacket and bag off and put it away before, taking my place behind the counter. I served a few people, most of them were very known customers. I didn't really care until, I looked up and seen those icy blue eyes that I've almost become too acquainted with.


I stared into his eyes for a bit, before shaking myself out of the trance that his eyes seemed to hold. "What can I get you tonight, Mr. Biersack?",I asked with a soft giggle. "The usual...Jack Daniels, please?",he responded, letting out a hearty chuckle. I poured him a glass of Jack Daniels and handed it to him. "Thanks",he said as he took the glass and started to drink. As Andy was drinking another guy walked up and sat on a stool.


"Hey cutie. I'd like a drink",the guy said. "Sure. What would you like?",I asked as I looked at him. "Whiskey double and a side of you",the guy responded with a wink. I rolled my eyes as I poured some whiskey into a glass and handed it to him. "Your whiskey double",I said. "Thanks,babe",he responded with a smirk, before taking a drink. I looked over at Andy, his face seemed to harden. I wonder what's wrong... I served people all night, taking a few occasional drinks myself. Closing time arrived and I was definitely ready to go home. I grabbed my jacket and bag. Andy got off the stool and walked outside with me as Jack closed the place up.


"Damn...Another storm",Andy said.


"Looks like I'll have to stay at your place...again",I responded with a soft giggle.


"Alright. Let's go",Andy said with a chuckle.


We both ran over to his car. Andy getting into the driver's seat and I got into the passenger's seat. Andy drove to his house and once we made it, he unlocked the door and we walked inside. I closed door behind me as I walked in. I took my jacket and bag off, before slipping my converses off. Andy sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. I sat down on the couch next to him. He surfed through the channels, until he stopped at the movie 'The Lost Boys'. "Want some popcorn?",Andy asked as he looked over at me. "Sure",I responded as I nodded. He got up and walked into the kitchen and put a bag of popcorn into the microwave. Ah, 'The Lost Boys', one of the best vampire films of all time. I always thought the vampire Dwayne was cute or the lead human guy, Michael. Andy came back with a bowl of popcorn and sat down on the couch. Me and him ate popcorn and watched the movie until it went off. Then,my eyes started to get heavy,before finally closing.


~Ravyn's Dream~

I'm running through a dark forest. No light to guide me, except the bright beams of the moon. I could hear the footsteps of the beast that chased me grow closer and closer. I kept running, pushing twigs and branches out of my way, until I came across an old abandoned house.


I ran inside and closed the door, pushing a chair behind it. I closed all the widows and shut all the blinds before running upstairs and closing the windows and blinds. I thought the shelter of the decrepit house would protect me from the nightmare that trailed me until, I heard a loud bang. My eyes widened in fear as I heard footsteps enter the house.


The next thing I knew, the demon that chased me,walked slowly towards me. His straight black hair, amber colored eyes and pale lips curled into an evil smirk, revealing his glistening fangs. I wished I could defend myself but,I didn't know how.


I tried to make a cross with my fingers. But, it didn't work. The vampire neared closer and closer to me. My heart pounded in my chest and I knew I couldn't fight him as he leaned down towards my neck. His protruding fangs,aiming for my carotid artery. I shut my eyes tightly, preparing for the pain that came next until,I heard a hissing noise. My eyes opened quickly to see the vampire falling to the ground, holding himself in pain. I looked down at the vampire as he laid dead on the floor, before looking up to see Andy. I blinked then all of a sudden he was gone, like a shadow into the night...

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