The new girl

Mia just moved to Sydney from El Paso texas she is pissed at her parents for making her go and sad that she left everything she ever knew behind what happens when her new best friend luke hemmings starts a band with her bully Michael Clifford. Read to find out


1. intro

Hi my name is mia I just moved to Sydney from Texas I had to leave all my friends band everything I've ever known behind.Ive never been more pissed off at my parents in my life I'm very depressed as well cause I even had to leave my boyfriend Jeremy.Me and Jeremy have been best friends scince we were 7 and when we were 13 he asked me to be his girlfriend we have been dating for 2 years and we technically have a long distance relationship but it sucks that I won't be able to kiss him for a while. I'm 15 btw and a depressed self harmer.

|Hi I'm new this is my first fanfiction Plz don't judge sorry if the intro sucks haha 😂 I'm single af so don't believe everything-mia|

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