Where are Ron and Hermione sneaking off to? Are Harry and Ginny meeting in secret?


2. The Meeting

 Harry walked down the stairs to the common room as silently as possible. He sat in a chair happy to see it was empty. He turned around and saw Ginny right behind him. "Oh good you remembered!" Harry said with a big grin on his face. "How would I forget something like this?" They wrapped themselves under the invisibility cloak and left the common room. They traveled to the room of requirement both thinking what they wanted. They entered to see just what they needed: A romantic bed with floating candles around it, perfect! They got on the bed and immediately pressed themselves against each other. Their mouths touched and opened their mouths to let the other tongue touch theirs. Harry reached under Ginny's shirt and started stripping her of her clothes. He pressed her breast against his face and turned on top of her. He licked her ass and stuck his finger in. He moved back up and stuffed his face in her breast and screwed her...

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