Where are Ron and Hermione sneaking off to? Are Harry and Ginny meeting in secret?


3. Questions

Harry and Ginny were late to breakfast the following morning and when they arrived they were cornered by Ron and Hermione. " Harry, Ginny, what are you doing together in secret?" Ron asked with an uncomfortable long stare.

Harry glanced at Ginny and replied, "Well I should ask the same thing with you and Hermione! What are you guys doing alone? You think those long periods of time you guys are gone together have gone unnoticed?!"

Hermione looked terrified and knew their times together had been too long. But she now knew Harry and Ginny really were dating. If they weren't dating Harry wouldn't have answered with that "answer!"

everyone looked at Hermione, she had finished the sentence aloud and turned red immediately. "Umm, sorry!" She said and walked away trying not to give anything away. They let her go and decided it would be best if Ginny left as well.

"Harry, you need to answer me! I'm her brother!"

"*sigh* okay fine I admit it we may have been seeing each other... And since I told you that you need to tell me the truth about you and Hermione!"

Ron gave him a sly smile and left.

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