Where are Ron and Hermione sneaking off to? Are Harry and Ginny meeting in secret?


1. Hiding

Ron and Hermione are stuffed in a broom closet to finally be alone. They were tired of needing to keep they're love hidden but they were afraid of what they're friends would think of it. So there they were hiding once more with the little time they had alone. Their lips pressed against each other and the force binding them together was like a magnet not wanting to pull apart. But like all fun it had to end when they heard the door open. They snuck in a dark corner of the closet and saw Harry peering into it. Suddenly they heard Ginny's voice, "Harry I don't want to go in there. Can't we go some where else?" "Alright but we don't have many options you know. Why don't we just go back to the common room and meet later."And with that Harry closed the door and headed the opposite direction. Ron Azande Hermione looked at each other

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