Dark and Twisted

Just me letting out my self hate and depression in a series of short stories. You can read if you'd like.


1. river rapids





These are the sounds of teenagers on a hunt. They don't seem to get that I am dying inside, or if they do then they enjoy it. I leave school at lunch. I cant put up with anymore of this shit. I run to the river. I sit on the rocks, surrounded by trees and take a breath. I reach into my backpack for my blades and find paper as well. I opened The letters only to find more hate and more threats. I can't take it any more! I take my blades and decide to end it all right now.

I swallow a bottle of pills that I always keep on me just in case this should happen. I yank up my sleeves and reveal the hundreds of scars and fresh cuts. I cut deeper. I relish the pain. I open my eyes and look at the sky one last time as I feel the blade slice deeper, too deep, and with my last breath of effort I throw myself into the rushing water and let the darkness take me away.

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