Dark and Twisted

Just me letting out my self hate and depression in a series of short stories. You can read if you'd like.


3. only 13

At age 3, she wanted to be a veterinarian.

At age 6, she wanted to be a baker.

At age 9, she wanted to be skinny like her friends

At age 12, she hated herself.

At age 13, she wanted to kill herself.

She was in eighth grade. She wasn't like the other girls. She had acne, Her hair was frizzy a lot, she was fat. She was ugly.

She smiled in the halls and laughed with friends but she never meant it.

She was lonely, sad, depressed, suicidal, scarred. She was only 13.

Other kids were out kissing and shopping. She was inside crying and cutting.

She had one true friend. But one day they got in an argument. He called her an attention whore. He told her "why don't you go cut yourself, bitch"

She cried. He didn't.

She cut. He didn't.

She cared. He didn't.

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