Dark and Twisted

Just me letting out my self hate and depression in a series of short stories. You can read if you'd like.


2. dead and dying.

He found out today. Her boyfriend. She didn't want him to but he saw what he shouldn't have and there was no taking it back. It was late at night and he asked to see. She couldn't bring herself to show him. He said that he didn't believe her. He didn't fucking believe her.

He thought she did it for attention. He asked her how many, she whispered "over a humdred"

He claimed she was just being an attention whore. She broke. He was the one person she didn't want to find out. She loved him and now he thought she was a screw up. She said she had to go. She pretended she was fine, told him goodbye, and proceeded to pick up her knife.

She slashed, she sliced. How could she have been stupid enough to trust him!? She cut deeper. She took it out on herself. But she didn't cry. Not one tear fell. She was to far gone for that.

She was numb. She gave up.

Her blood ran in streams but she couldn't feel a thing. She welcomed the everlasting darkness, she rejoiced in it! She let out a weak laugh of success. It was the last breath she'd ever take.

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