Kik (Completed)

paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat?

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3. t w o




Nicole's P.O.V


''Woah!'' I yell as I fall off my bed. I rub my head softly and start to think that I need to be more careful. I wipe some of the drool off of my cheek and get up. I stand up to face myself looking at the mirror. Trust me, you'll be glad you can't see my face. I look worse than a witch that has acne problems.


I take my bathrobe from the hook and start to walk to my bathroom to take a shower.


Afterward, I walk out of the bathroom feeling nice and fresh--my face pimple free. Finally. I take my bathrobe off and change into my bra and underwear. I walk to my closet and put on black high waist shorts and a red flannel shirt. I look under my bed for my white sandals, which I grab and slip onto my feet.



After my hair dries, I call May and ask her to come over. When she arrived, she ran through my room and threw her purse on the bed. 



''So? How did it go?'' She asks and jumps up and down. I roll my eyes.



''It was okay. Ya know it was a nice chat. A normal one.'' I say.



''A normal one?'' She laughs and I turn, confused.



''Nicole, we're talking about Liam Payne. The most handsome, funny, mature man in One Direction.'' She says as she gets closer to me.



''Okay and?'' I ask.



''Do I need to slap you? You're talking to a celebrity!'' She says in a high pitched voice.



''I know I'm talking to a celebrity. A handsome one of course, but we can't act crazy. I mean, don't you think he would find it annoying if I got all fangirl-y all over him? You gotta stay cool.'' I tell her.


''What was that? Sorry I blanked out." She smiles and nods her head. Sometimes I can't deal with her, but I usually do.


Just then, my phone vibrated.





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