Kik (Completed)

paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat?

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4. t h r e e


Nicole's P.O.V


I looked at May and she gave me ''go check it out''  look.


I reach for my phone on my nightstand and type in my password. I looked in the corner off my phone and saw the icon for kik. I smiled and hoped it was Liam. I clicked on the icon and it led me to Kik. I clicked on our conversation and read his message.


paynetrain: you there?


I quickly typed back.


nicolejenson578: Yea? What's up?


He instantly replied.


paynetrain: the sky c;




I turn to May and smile.


''It's him.'' I say.


''I can tell he has the effect on you Nicole.'' She says. I kind of agree.


nicolejenson578: Wow. So cheesy. Too cheesy cx


paynetrain: yea but we both know you love it (;


nicolejenson 578: *blush emoji* maybe........


paynetrain: I just have the effect on people ya know? xD


nicolejenson 578: So I've been told before, so says my bestfriend May


paynetrain: is she there with you right now?


nicolejenson 578: yea you wanna talk to her?


paynetrain: sure


''May, he wants to talk to you.'' I say trying to hold in my laughter on her reaction, once I had told her.


I hand my phone to her and she quickly swipes it away as if it was a 20 dollar bill. I figured this was going to be a while since this is May we're talking about. And she's talking to Liam Payne. You see where I'm heading? I quickly laugh at her as she had her face glued to the screen of my phone. I rolled my eyes and let May enjoy herself.






It's been over an hour and May hasn't given me my phone back. I was on my bed and looked at her as she was on the carpet floor kiking Liam. I was getting mad at her for some reason. The things he told her made her laugh her ass off. It made her smile ear to ear. It made me happy that May was happy, but she was just using my phone for too long. Yea,that's the reason why.


''May? Can I have my phone back?'' I asked her, extending my hand to her.


''Wait gimme a minute Liam is typing'' She told me, holding one finger up.


I rolled my eyes knowing that one minute was going to turn into forever. I got off my bed and she started to laugh again on whatever Liam typed to her. I quickly snatched my phone from her and her smile turned into a frown.


''Hey I was using that!'' She says like a five year old.


''You were using my phone and you were using it too much.'' I said to her and crossed my arms.


She smirked and walked up to me, placing her chin on my shoulder.


''Is some one jealous?'' She teases me and starts to poke my right arm.


''No!' I said trying to defend myself.


''Yea whatever.'' She said and smirked.



I'm not jealous.








tell me what you guys think!


love ya :*


-Nataly xxx.

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