Kik (Completed)

paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat?

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7. s i x

Nicole's P.O.V


After May's strange and unusual exit, I went to the kitchen to make a quick sandwich for my hungry stomach. After, I went back to my room and decided to talk to Liam; I had nothing else to do anyways. I clicked on the conversation and the butterflies went flying through my stomach once again. I loved that feeling Liam gave me. I had never felt it before and it made me feel special.


I started to type and clicked send to start our conversation.


nicolejenson578: heyo (:


I took a quick bite of my sandwich and checked my phone, expecting a instant reply, but this time it wasn't instant. There was a capital 'R' next to message, meaning he had read it. But the part that had confused me was that he didn't reply. It's like he was deciding either to answer, or to not. I frowned thinking why would he have to think of replying? Is there something wrong?


I took another bite of my sandwich, getting a little mayo on my cheek. I heard a 'ding' and I looked at my phone's screen.


paynetrain: hey (:


I smiled at his reply and quickly typed back.


nicolejenson578: hey, how are you handsome?


paynetrain:perfect now that i'm talking to you (: <3


nicolejenson 578: oh stop it, i'm nothing special really. like really, when you said you've fallen for me, I was surprised


I take another bite of my sandwich, waiting for his reply.


paynetrain: to be honest,I don't have the explanation to why, but I guess its just you


I felt my cheeks getting hotter and hotter. The feeling of the butterflies flying in my stomach got stronger and stronger as I re-read his message, making sure I wasn't going crazy.


nicolejenson 578: *blush emoji*


paynetrain: yes, I made you blush


nicolejenson 578: you know what I can't deny I love you Liam Payne


I took another bit of my sandwich, finishing what was left of it. I looked back at the screen of my phone, seeing that Liam had read my message but didn't reply. Huh, I wonder why he didn't reply.






Tell me what you guys think!


Love ya :*


-Nataly xxx.

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