Kik (Completed)

paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat?

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cover credit goes to -brokenrecord


1. prologue

Nicole's P.O.V


''Ahh!!!!'' My best friend May yelled a very high pitched scream in my ears as I was on my laptop.


''What is it?'' I yell at her. Her scream practically made me deaf.


''Liam Payne tweeted to comment your kik name and he'll choose one lucky user to kik!'' She yelled once again and shook my body hard. I was getting super dizzy.


''Okay, and?'' I ask her as I loosen from her grasp and fix my hair. My hair looked like a lion's mane after that shake.


''Are you that stupid? Gimme your phone.'' May says and sticks out her hand.


I sigh and get my phone out of my back pocket. I give it to her and she swipes it out of my hand. She opens my twitter account and signs in. She goes to Liam's profile and comments down my username, @nicolejenson578 and her username @maymay234.


She clicked reply and squealed, kicking the sheets of off my bed--which I had just made. She quickly placed my phone on my nightstand. I turned to her and gave her the 'get out of my house'  look. She scoffed and hit me slightly on my arm, then put her shoes on and grabbed her stuff. She walked out of my room, shutting the door behind her. After about 10 seconds May shut the front door hard. I cringed at the sound.


 I sighed, rolled my eyes, and started to think: how I was friends with May Ramon for 17 years?  I turned my laptop off and stared at the ceiling.



My eyes started to close and I drifted off to sleep.







I woke up, startled by my phone vibrating. I sit up and grab it. I type my password and see the icon in the left corner.


Who would kik me at this hour? I checked on the right side of my phone to see the time, 2:34 A.M. What? I opened kik and scrolled down my conversations. I scrolled to the bottom and saw:


"One New Conversation."


I clicked on it and it said, ''paynetrain wants to chat with you? Ignore or Chat?''


Oh shit.







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-Nataly xxx.

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