Kik (Completed)

paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat?

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2. o n e




Nicole's P.O.V



I screamed and threw my phone on the floor, hoping I didn't crack it. I started to pant slightly as I try to take in that Liam Payne just kiked me. Yeah, no, I'm never going be able to take that in. I quickly jump of my bed but fall miserably as my foot got tangled in the blanket.


''Ow.'' I say lightly and get up, rubbing my bum and head. I crawl over to my phone and click on the chat.


''Hey lovely! You won! Congrats!''  He sent about 1 minute ago.


I screamed again and got out of the app. I reached for my laptop, turned it on, and went to Skype May. I can't wait to see her reaction. I signed into Skype and started to call May. It rang a couple of times, then she finally answered.


''What'?' She asked in a deep sleepy voice. Her hair was all puffed up, like the lion's mane I had myself after she shook me.


I chuckled and ran to my phone that was still on the floor. I picked it up and ran right back to my laptop. I clicked on kik and showed her the conversation. Her eyes went wide and she practically screamed her head off. She got up and started to dance on her bed.


She jumped off her bed and started to run and scream around her room. Good thing she lives alone. She went back to the laptop, as I laughed my ass off.


''Well?" she asked, all excited. "Chat with him!"


''Calm your tits okay?'' I say and she laughs.


nicolejenson578: Don't you think it's a little late to kik someone at this time, Liam? cx


He insantly replied. Like he had been waiting for me to reply.


paynetrain: it's never too late to message a beautiful girl like you, judging by your profile pic c;


nicolejenson578: Liam James Payne are you flirting with me? You naughty boy cx


paynetrain: so you know my middle name? Stalk much?


nicolejenson578: it's not called stalking. it's called being dedicated.....and just following and searching everything about you..... xD


paynetrain: whatever you want to call it love. So hey what's your name?


nicolejenson578: seriously? dude it says in my user cx it's Nicole. just plain Nicole :(


paynetrain: doesn't seem plain to me. rolls off the tongue ya know?


nicolejenson578: thanks. it's nice talking with you Liam.


paynetrain: back at you beautiful :*


I screamed and looked at my laptop screen to see a sleeping May drooling all over her laptop. I made an 'ew' face and ended the call. I turned off my laptop and placed it on the floor, plugging the charger into the outlet, then the laptop. I turned to face the ceiling and sighed.


Beautiful, eh?






Tell me what you guys think!Happy New Years btw!

Love ya :*


-Nataly xxx.

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