Kik (Completed)

paynetrain wants to chat with you. Ignore or Chat?

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5. f o u r

Nicole's P.O.V


''I'm not jealous, okay?'' I tell May and hit my head multiple times with my pillow. May doesn't believe me.


''Nicole is jealous, Nicole is jealous, Nicole is jealous.'' She sings and rocks her head side to side. I swear I am going to kill her if she keeps singing like an annoying little bird.


''Nicole is jea-''


''Finish that last word May Ramon and I swear I will kill you.'' I told her pointing my finger in her face. She gulped and I chuckled. May gets frightened easily. I would never kill May, no matter how mad I am at her.



She just laughed and stopped singing that annoying and untruthful song. My phone vibrated on my nightstand and I checked it out. Of course it was from the one and only Liam Payne.


I entered my password and May stared to go on instagram. I clicked on the kik conversation and saw Liam's message:


paynetrain: hey May can I talk to Nicole now?


I started to type.


nicolejenson578: this is Nicole typing cx


paynetrain: oh hey.hru?


nicolejenson578: i'm good. how are you liam payne?


paynetrain: never been better c;


nicolejenson578: *blush emoji*


paynetrain: ahahaahaaha I made you blush


nicolejenson578: yes yea yea whatever -.-


paynetrain: I love making you blush Nicole Jenson


nicolejenson578: and I love when you make me blush liam payne


paynetrain: Nicole Jenson, I do declare that I have fallen for you, I fell for you hard.


I pause. He's fallen for me .I start to feel the butterflies fly in my stomach and so many of them too. I start to type.


nicolejenson578: I think so too.






Tell me what you guys think!


Love ya :*


-Nataly xxx.

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