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6. f i v e

Nicole's P.O.V


I smile, ear to ear, looking like an idiot. May gives the ''are you okay?'' look and a side eyebrow is up. I laugh and paused. I felt very special because one, Liam Payne has fallen for me, two, nobody has ever admitted they had fallen hard for me, and three, I had never thought somebody would like me.


''May. He told me he fell hard for me.'' I say and look at her face. She was about to explode.


''What?!'' She yells and snatches my phone away from my hand. She scrolls up to see our conversation, then slowly down. She smiled like an idiot too.


''And you may have fallen for him to Mrs.Jenson?'' She asks and nudges me.


''Maybe. I like everything about him'' I tell her.


''Liam is daddy.'' She says and winks at me. I nudge her hard pushing her to the side.


''May Ramon! I never knew you had a side like this.'' I ask her and pretend to be very shocked, but it unusual for her though.


''I like him for him, not for his fame and money.'' I state the truth out of my teeth, directly looking her.


''Good. You and Liam would be cute together.'' May teases me and I just simply roll my eyes. I decide to play along.


''And maybe we''ll be boyfriend and girlfriend one day!'' I wave my hand in the air being sarcastic.


May's P.O.V


Shit. I forgot. Liam has a girlfriend already. Shit, shit, shit. Don't tell me Nicole's going to have a broken heart in this ending.


My body stiffens and Nicole notices.


''May you okay?'' She asks me with concern.


''I'm perfect never been better.'' I stutter slightly. Nice cover May.


She let's it go, but not completely. Nicole started to blabber about something but I wasn't paying attention. My mind was focused on Liam Payne leading my best friend on and wanting to break her heart. I was furious. How could the most sweetest gentleman out of the group lead my best friend?


''May are you sure you're okay?'' She asks me again.


I nod and quickly put a fake smile to cover it up.


''You know what Nicole, I'm going to get going. I'll text you later?'' I ask her and grab my small handbag. She nods in reply and I just simply give her a thumbs up. I put my shoes on and walk out of her room, relieved I was out of there. I hate that situation where you find out something bad that could crush somebody. I shook my head and walked out the front door, leaving those thoughts in the back of my head.



Liam's P.O.V


I pace back and forth and start to bite my thumb........why did I tell Nicole I have fallen hard for her when I have a girlfriend?







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-Nataly xxx.

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