The one i cant forget



The one i cant forget

"Im not going any where." said the boy in a matter of factly tone

"Oh yah?!" replied the girl "how do i know you're not lying?"

"Because Of this" satiated the boy

The boy gently pushes the girl to the wall. The girl with a worried look showing.

"I love you" the boy whispered as he kissed her neck

The girl wrapped her shaking arms around the boys waist. Sliding her hands under his shirt to the bottom of his back. Saying "i love you more" only loud enough so he could hear.

The boy kissed her cheek and then traced a finger around her jaw line, around her lips looking deeply into her eyes. " I love you more than most."

The girl put her forehead to the boys, close enough their noses touch.she ran her fingers on his lips looking from his eyes to where her fingers lay, repeatedly. She was biting her own lips not being sure how this will end.

Without a word the boy answered the unspoken question by leaning into the girl even more just so their lips barley touched. Kisses her cheek slowly then fully dove his lips on hers.

She made her lips intertwine with his. Slowly and fully. Tightening her grip on his shaking back. The world passing by around carried on as if they weren't even there.

The boy stopped gently with his head spinning like a tornado. And asked dazed to the girl "do you believe me?"

The girl looked down at his chest and smiled stupidly. "Of course i do. I'm just jealous that so many other people get to see you everyday while i'm at home crying for you." Keeping her voice small

In response he lifted up her chin with his fingers. "Dont be jealous.

You are the only and most i love in the world. " Then continued to kiss her hard without waiting for a response.

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