Making mistakes❤️

When Casey Sweeney is running track, and falls into a hot soccer player, can she manage to keep him? After long months of dating, he makes a mistake that turns their lives down a risky road.


1. running too fast


"OKAY!" Yelled coach McKinney. "You ladies will run on the edges of the football field and around the soccer field for a warm up!" She said pacing the side lines. All 32 of the girl track members at Winston High sat on the mucky turf of the empty, damp, football field. "Okay!! Go!" We all jumped to our feet and walked up to the goal at the end of the field and lined up along the blue spray-painted grass. Lisa, Megan, Kelsey, and riley, the four popular girls that ran the school stood next to each other, talking about the cute soccer players. Coach McKinney's whistle blew and we shot off towards the end of the football field. The white- jersey boys lined up in front of the net bag to gather up the soccer balls. My head began to beat, and my throat started to burn. We were close to the finish line, when Lisa stuck her shoe out in front of me, and I tripped. Somebody...or something, broke my fall. I pushed my hands in the damp turf which was now covered in mud, and helped myself up. I grunted, until sparkling blue eyes caught mine, then turned away. A boy with a bag of soccer balls and a cooler of water lay in front of me. "Shit. I'm really sorry." I said fearing the anger deep inside him. "It's really okay." He said. He had tan skin, big muscular arms, and beautiful brown hair. He was really cute, but he seemed nervous. My bun was messed up, and I was covered in turf grass. "Let me help you." I said grabbing the cold cooler. "Where do these go?" I asked as he picked up the bag of balls. "Into this shed." He said walking towards a splintered abandoned room.

I followed him watching as he turned the dial on the lock. "What's your name?" He asked fiddling with the lock. "I'm Casey. And you are...-"

"Kyle." He said opening the door. He showed me where to put everything then we stood awkwardly in silence. "Well, I got to go. Take this soccer ball. To remember this. Again, I'm really sorry." He awkwardly blushed and looked at me, leaving the shed.

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