Making mistakes❤️

When Casey Sweeney is running track, and falls into a hot soccer player, can she manage to keep him? After long months of dating, he makes a mistake that turns their lives down a risky road.


3. ponytails & scribbles

Casey P.O.V

The next morning I sat on the bench in the locker room putting my sneakers in my locker. The teal shelf contained the soccer ball Kyle had given to me, and my cleats were on the bottom next To my walmart bag of which I stuffed my uniform into. Something poked my shoulder. "Do you really think, Kyle is going to like you?" Said a familiar voice. It was Amy, My "used to be" best friend. She became popular and now avoids me. Her hair was slick and pulled up into a thick pony tail. She had on a pair of Nike sneakers and Adidas socks, an athletes worst combo. I wanted to show Amy my proof of the soccer ball, but instead i ignored her and closed my locker. I started down the locker room hallway to the door.

Amy's P.O.V

I watched casey walk down the hall and turn right. As soon as I here the door swing closed, I faced her yellow gym locker. The lock was a combination but it also had the key slot. I turned to make sure everyone was gone to 3rd period and pulled the black binder out from under the lockers. Each row had a colored binder that contained the combos and key number for every locker in that specific row. "Casey Lois Sweeney." I mumbled spotting her name below Jacob shell. '39,15,02' was written in the text box next to her name. I spun the dial until I got to 02 and popped the lock. The smell of Chanel fumed from inside as I stuffed the binder back under the lockers. I scanned the locker shelves until I found her yellow hairbrush, some dove deodorant bottles, a small container of pretzels for track snack, and a can if Chanel body mist. But in the bottom shelf, a white and black soccer ball sat, wedged in the back corner. Kyle Hetner was written in sloppy handwriting with a sharpie and his number. I pulled the ball out and looked for a sign of any people. In the front pocket of her pencil case for gym tests was a sharpie. I pulled it out and scribbled his number out. I heard foot steps and quickly put the ball back and zipped the pencil case shut. I slammed the locker door closed and picked up my books. Mrs. Burlap circled the office. "Get to class Ms. Drewson! " she shouted at me. I scurried for the door and grinned evilly.

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