Darling, read to find out. I'd hate to basically tell you the story, trying to 'summarize' it.


1. Rules.

           Men are children disguised in a mans body. They're disgusting humans that have no respect. My advice? Stay the fuck away. They're not worth the heartbreak.


1. Never fall In love. Heartbreak hurts like hell. It's Satin's way of torturing you.

2. No one dies a virgin the world fucks us all.

3. Never give a guy what he wants.

4. Play hard to get, it'll drive him crazy.

5. Promises to guys are lies. They say them like they're nothing.

6. Don't give in.

7. He doesn't own you.


           I wake up to a call from my friend Jessica.

"Someone better be dying!" I say answering.

"Cranky it's 5 o'clock in the after noon!" She says laughing.

"I took a nap. I'm still in recovery." I say.

"Hun it'll get better." She says. Its been 2 months. 2 hard months filled of alcohol, cutting, crying, food, screaming, and everything else that is the result of heart break. Your probably thinking, what the fuck happened to those stupid rules of yours. Well my darling those are the rules made up while I was crying my eyes out. I was with a guy, Jake,  for around 3 1/2 years. You say where's the ring. Well here's the story about that.

** Flashback **

I've spent my day like I've spent most. At hope watching Netflix and some normal everyday cleaning while Jake was out. Why can't I go out? Well that's because I'm ordered to stay here. I have been with Jake for almost a 2 years. 2 years filled with rape, abuse, and other crazy shit. Why haven't I left. I love him. Well I think I do. He kidnapped me practically, I stopped seeing my family because he didn't like them. My parents were heartbroken, I was made to choose and I chose him. I thought he was my love, my life, my everything. We were going strong for around 9 months. Everything was... well perfect. Until he started coming home drunk. The fifth night he came home drunk we got into a fight. I told him this has to stop we argued, said things we didn't mean, and that's the first night he hit me. The next morning he apologized, but soon the apology became just words he said.  Words that I believed. I was saving sex for marriage. I was a firm believer. He came home drunk, forcing me into bed, and raping me. That night he took all the innocence away from me. I changed so much. I didn't care. The devil was once an angel. This continued for then next year. He cheated on me countless times but yet I stayed. He proposed to me on our 2 years anniversary and I said yes. Why? I was 'In Love'. Everyone thought I was crazy. That year we cancelled the marriage about 12 times. Crazy right? After our 3 year anniversary, I was ordered that I couldn't go out. I tried going out the bedroom window and he caught me. He has eyes everywhere.  After a 1/2 year he let me go out to his friends house. I was hanging with his friends sister. I went home a little early than planned because I wasn't feeling well. I walked in and smelt my perfume. I walked upstairs to the bedroom. He was cheating again. There layed him and girl that was wearing my robe. I was done. We fought all night he raped me, beat me and stabbed me. he left me for dead on the side of the rode. Someone called 911 and they came and took me to the hospital, I was in a coma for around a month. I pulled through. I then moved back in with my family. I cried every night and had nightmares. I stopped sleeping. He would constantly try and contact me. I had a restraining order on him. I spent my days in my room drinking and cutting. I wrote music, and sang to keep my mind off everything. My friend Jessica would sit with me all the time. I would cut in the bathroom when she was over. She tried getting me to stop but after a while she gave up. She would convince me to go out, and talk to people. It started with getting the mail, and a casual hi to the mailman. Then going for a walk and saying hello to anyone I saw. Then going to the grocery store any talking to people. Then we would go out. I layed off the alcohol. We would then go clubbing and that when I would get drunk no other time. I only cut when I saw him. Slowly, Jessica was piecing my heart back together for me. She was there through everything. I got help. I was put on medicine for my nightmares and I talked to my Aunt Laura who was a therapist. She helped me a lot too. After astonishing 2 months I was pretty much normal. Many people called it a very quick recovery. I called it a miracle.

** End of Flashback **

"Hello? Earth to Maddie!" She yelled.

"Huh, What?" I said snapping into reality.

"I've been calling your name for the past 5 minutes." She says annoyed.

"Sorry I was thinking. What did you want anyways?" I say getting off the subject.

"Do you wanna go out tonight, clubbing?" She asks.

"Sure why not." I say.

"Great pick you up at 8!" She says hanging up. Great I have to get out of bed.

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