Darling, read to find out. I'd hate to basically tell you the story, trying to 'summarize' it.


2. Hello, Doll.

I changed into a black long sleeved dress, that I couldn't breath in. I left my long blond hair curly. I applied a smoky eye, mascara, and eyeliner. I brushed my teeth and applied red lipstick. I don't use blush because I'm really tan, so I don't like it that much. I slip into black stilettoes and grab my silver clutch throwing lipstick, and credit card with my ID in it. I text Jessica letting her know her I'm already. I spray perfume on me and grab my black leather jacket. I get a text from her saying she's here. I walk downstairs telling my family I'm going out and I'll stay at Jessica's. They don't like me clubbing, but I'm 17 who cares. I get into her car and we leave.

"Damn, bae you looking finne!" She says.

"You too!" I say laughing.  We sing along to the radio on the way to the club. When we get there we go straight to the front of the line and are let in. The security guard is my Uncles friend, so that's how we get under age and just incase anything happens we have fake ID's. We go straight to the bar. We both order, two shots of Jager.

"Wanna go dance?" Jessica asks getting up.

"No thanks I would have to be more drunk to even let my toe touch that dance floor." I say and she just giggles.

"Suit yourself." She says and goes to dance. After a few more drinks I'm feeling a little drunk. The bar stool beside me gets pulled out and a very handsome man sits down. 

"What can I get you Sir?" The bartender asks.

"Two shots for me and the pretty lady sitting next to me." He says, and I blush. The handsome man turns to me. He has dirty blonde hair and green eyes.

"What's your name beautiful?" He asks me.  

"Maddie?" I say.

"Nice name for a pretty lady." He winks. I'm now reader than a tomato.

"The names Ricky." He says. I give him a little 'Hello' nod. I take a shot with him and I feel more drunk then earlier. I let him pull me on the dance floor. It gets a little heated. We are now grinding while drunk raping each other with our eyes.

"Wanna go outside and get some fresh air?" He asks. I agree because I'm getting really over heated. He pulls me out the back into a dark alley. I'm between him with my back to the wall. We start kissing and he starts feeling me up. His hands go under my dress. I try to push him off.

"I think we should go back inside, I'm getting a little chilly." I say pushing him off me. I start to walk to the door but he pushes me back against the wall. He starts kissing me and shoves his hands under my dress. I start hitting him and telling him to get off me. He slaps me and he slips his fingers into my underwear. I scream for help.

"Stop please stop!" I scream.

"No ones gonna help you, love." He says. His finger travel to my front and I continue screaming. I start crying. The man is then pulled off me. I open my eyes to see a dark, tall, masculine figure beating him. I pull my dress down. The guy named Ricky is now bleeding badly, and bruised like hell.

"Touch that girl again, and you'll be 6 foot under and I will be celebrating your funeral." The dark man says. He comes over to me.

"Are you alright, doll?" He asks me. I nod. He takes his thumb and wipes my tears away.

"I should try and find my friend." I say looking down. He shakes his head yes.

"I could help you if you would like?" He says. I nod. We hurry back into the club. We look all around for Jessica. She is nowhere to be found. I reach into my clutch that we found at the bar and I pull my phone out. I try calling but I goes straight to voice mail.

"I could give you a ride home." He says. I think for a little. I can't go home my parents will kill me. I was supposed to go to Jessica's but I don't have a key because she lives alone. Her parents said they trusted her, they were never home with her anyway.

"Thanks for the offer, but I can't go home. I'm only 17 if my parents find out my ass will be redder than a tomato." I say and he knows what I mean.

"You could come to my place for the night." He says.

"I don't know anything about you, Your name, age." I say un sure.

"The names Zayn doll, and I'm 19. I could let you know more on the way to my place." I agree only because I have no where to go. He leads me outside to a new looking black range rover. We get in and head to his flat.

"Where you from?" I start asking him questions.

"Bradford, England. Where are you from?" He asks.

"Boston, Massachusetts. What's your full name?" I say and ask another question.

"Zayn Jawaad Malik. Yours doll?" He asks.

"Madison Amelia Ann Charles." I say.

"Wow you have a long name love. Are you royalty?" He asks in shock.

"No. My parents are those rich, snobby, high classed people you just wanna punch." I say with a disgusted face.

"That must be nice!" He says sarcastically. I give him a 'Don't even' look and I continue with the questions. 


We get to his place and wow. I was expecting some small nice apartment but no its a hugh place. We enter and we take off our jackets. He shows me around a little we go upstairs and he shows me where I'll be staying. I think its his bedroom, because he grabs himself clothes after handing me some.

"I'll be in the guest bedroom down the hall if you need anything." He says. He starts to walk out.

"Thank you."  I say.  "For all this, you didn't have to I could've stayed in the guest bedroom." I say.

"Anytime doll. It's fine this room has the most comfortable bed ever. There is a spare toothbrush on the bathroom counter for you, and I set out 2 towels if you would like to take a shower. Goodnight Doll." He then walks out I take a quick shower, brush my teeth, and change into the sweatpants and shirt he lent me. I crawl into bed, an under the comfortable. I'm engulfed in his smell, and I fall asleep.

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