New movella


1. the beginning

JESSICAS POV: "see ya" my mom says opening the door "bye wait hold on can cal,ash,mike and Luke come over later?" I ask while grabbing my phone "yeah of course" she says stepping outside and closing the door behind her. "Ok thanks" I yell even though she can't hear me. I pick up my phone and call Calum. He answers immediately "hey Jess what's up?" Cal says "nothing I was just gonna order pizza and rent a movie, u down?" I ask while watching my favourite tv show, pretty little liars. " yeah yeah, I bet Michael will be too"he says laughing.

I laugh too, "why don't u ask him" I say "alright, MICHAEL DO U WANT TO GO TO JESSICAS FOR PIZZA AN-" he gets cut of by Michael "YEAH" we both laugh. "Ok see ya later" "yeah see ya" he responds. I put down my phone and continue to watch tv.

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