Life With Boys

When you live with your older brother and his friends who happen to be famous life can get pretty crazy. Especially if two of them are in love with you.


5. Chapter 4

Sam's POV

I woke up the next morning to see my room a complete mess. Open cans of soda, open chip bags, crumbs everywhere. Mahogany was asleep right next to me. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Mahogany still had my phone so I had no idea what time it was. When I walked out of my room I saw no sight of anyone. I guess Mahogany heard me open the door or something cause she pulled me right back into my room.

"Sam just remember whatever happens today I am always here for you." Mahogany said. 

"I know." Is all I muttered out. 

"Tomorrow we start our tour and we are all gonna be stuck on a bus together, and there will be no where to go lock  ourselves in a room so we need to resolve everything now." Mahogany said.

"I know. Can I have my phone now!" I yelled at her. She handed me my phone and I saw that I had loads of texts from my brother and Johnson. I just ignored them for now. 

"So Sam, lets go downstairs get breakfast, do some last minute shopping before tour, then pack, and then nails. K?" 

I just agreed with her plan. The two of us walked downstairs in our pajamas and into the kitchen. In the kitchen to see Shawn, Hayes, and Carter eating breakfast. Mahogany and I each got a bowl of cereal and sat down with them at the table. 

"How was girls night?" Hayes asked. 

"Fun... As always!" Mahogany yelled. I just smiled along everyone clearly knowing I wanted to know what was going on with Jack and Jack. Thankfully Carter said something. 

"Johnson stayed in my room last night. The two of them still not talking. I think he's still sleeping. Your brother, Taylor, and Aaron already left to go get a few things for the tour." 

"Thanks" I said to Carter. 

"Well, Sam and I have a few things to do before tour so we will be out and about. We will be back later." Mahogany said. She went back to her room and I went to mine to get dressed. I put on short overalls with a tight crop top underneath with black vans, light natural makeup, and my hair in a pony-tail. I grabbed my wallet and phone and Mahogany and I went out. She drove and I had time to catch up on everything I missed last night. I still refused to check my text messages so I just went on twitter. I saw that the magcon tour starting tomorrow was trending but I also saw some fans talking about how there was no excitement during jack and jack's last performance. I hate being responsible for that. 

Mahogany pulled into the mall and we walked around a while each of us buying some new clothes and makeup before we go on tour. Once we were done at the mall we drove to the nail salon and got our nails done. I got a baby pink color and Mahogany got a darker pink. We then decided to stop at Starbucks on the way home. Once we finally got back to the house we saw that it was 4:00. Perfect timing we were going to have a group meeting at 4:30 to talk about the tour and sleeping arrangements on the bus. When we walked in to the house Nash and Matt where watching tv in the living room. We said hi to them and each went to our separate rooms. When I got to my room I pulled out my suitcase from underneath my bed and started packing everything I need. I got my passport out cause we were going to Canada for a couple shows to. I then heard Nash scream throughout the house, "Everyone its 4:30." Everyone cam rushing down the stairs. I still haven't talked to either of the Jacks today so I don't know how this meeting is going to turn out. 

We all sat in the living room. I sat in-between Nash and Mahogany on the couch while everyone else spread out on the couch, the floor, and a couple of chairs. The two Jacks sitting as far apart as possible from one another. 

"So the tour bus has 16 beds on it, one bathroom, one kitchen, one shower, one tv area, and 8 closets." Nash said reading a list off his phone. 

Everyone seems to be okay with it but Mahogany and I just let out a big sigh. 

"What?" Cameron asks. 

"Umm... One Bathroom." Mahogany says. 

"So....." Taylor drags out. 

"Were girls, and girls, like to put on makeup." I said. 

"Don't worry there be other mirrors in the bus." Shawn says. 

"Now management  wants us to pick who gets what bed now so that were not fighting tomorrow." Nash said. "Anyone have any ideas." 

"Well I think Johnson and Sam should be as far apart from each other as possible." My brother has to say. I just roll my eyes not even making eye contact at either of them. I don't know why Im so mad at Johnson I mean he didn't do anything. 

"Jack, cmon be fair now." Mahogany says to my brother. "Sam and I will definitely be together." 

"Oh I forgot to mention that there is a bedroom on the bus with a bathroom attached to it." Nash says. 

"Okay so perfect the girls can have that room and the rest of us will just take whatever." Taylor said. 

"Were good with that." Mahogany and I agree on. 

We continue on with planning everything for the tour. Both Jacks and I still not saying anything to each other. We all decided to go to bed early since we will be leaving early. I got up to my room and my phone keeps buzzing but I just don't feel like talking to anyone so I put it on do not disturb and go to bed.




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