Life With Boys

When you live with your older brother and his friends who happen to be famous life can get pretty crazy. Especially if two of them are in love with you.


4. Chapter 3


Sam's POV

"Jack Please!" I yelled at brother to make him leave my room.

"No Sam! I told you I don't want you two dating. Meet me downstairs in five minutes we need to talk. " Before I could say anything else my brother stormed out of my room. Johnson looked over at me and brought me into his chest. 

"Don't worry I am not gonna let anything happen to us." He said and kissed my forehead. We got up and both got dressed back into out clothes and walked downstairs holding hands. 

When we got into the living room all I saw was Shawn, Mahogany, and Matt watching TV. 

"What did you guys do to Jack?" Shawn asked. 

"He sort of caught us having..." Jack said but then Matt caught him off before we could finish the rest. 

"Yeah okay we get it." 

"Have you guys seen him? He wants to talk to us." I said. 

"He went into the kitchen." Mahogany said. Johnson and I walked into the kitchen and saw Nash and my brother sitting at the table talking. Nash saw us and said, 

"I'm going to let you three talk." Then he got up and left the kitchen.  

"Before you say anything can I just ask why your so against this?" I asked my brother. 

"Jack you are my best friend and you have been forever and Sam you are my little sister I just think that its not right if you two dated.You two have known each other your whole lives too don't you just think that its weird." My brother said. 

"But its love!" Johnson stated. 

"Jack can I talk to my sister alone please?" My brother asked my boyfriend. Johnson squeezed my hand before letting go of it and leaving the kitchen. 

"I really do love him and if you don't like it well Im sorry your going to have to deal with it. " I said standing up for myself.   "Sam when are you going to realize Im doing this for your own good!" He yelled at me. "I know Johnson he is going to end up hurting you." 

"He would never!" I yelled back at him tears starting to form in my eyes.  

"Fine if you don't believe that just wait. I love you Sam your my baby sister and I hate seeing you get hurt so please end it now before it hurts even more." I didn't know what to say to that so I just walked out of the kitchen crying and to the living room where Shawn, Mahogany, Matt, Johnson, Carter, and Nash were sitting. I ran right past them and up to my room.  

"Sam wait!" I heard Johnson's voice. I just kept running. When I got to my room I sat on my bed and cried. Then there was a knock on my door followed my Mahogany coming into my room. She locked my door and came and sat next to me on my bed. She pulled me into a hug and said "Shh.. Everything is going to be okay. " I just cried into her shoulder. There was then a knock on my door followed by Johnson's voice, "Sam please open up." Mahogany got up and walked to my door she opened it and then stepped out closing the door behind her so Johnson couldn't come in. I heard there conversation through the door. 

"Is she alright?" Johnson asked. 

"She will be. She just needs some girl-to-girl time now. " Mahogany said. 

"Please Mahogany I need to make sure that we are okay. " 

" I promise you that you will get to see her tomorrow." 

"Tomorrow?" Johnson asked. 

"Yes we are having a girls night tonight!" My door opened and in came Mahogany. 

"Now we can either watch 'The Notebook' or 'The Fault in our Stars' your pick?" She said. 

"You know you didn't have to be so harsh with him." I said reminding her of what happened with Johnson. 

"I wasn't Harsh!" She said back to me. I just gave her a little really smirk. 

"Now tonight is our night. Now I am going to run downstairs and get us some snacks and you are going to pick a Netflix movie." Mahogany said leaving the room. I grabbed my phone but before I could do anything she took it from me. 

"We are also not aloud to talk to anyone but each other and the TV." She then actually left my room and walked downstairs. I could hear her from downstairs screaming, 

"TONIGHT SAM AND I ARE HAVING A GRILS NIGHT! NONE OF YOU ARE TO DISTURB US! GOODNIGHT WE WILL SEE YOU IN THE MORNING!" A couple minutes later she came back up to my room with a bunch of junk food and sodas. 

"Now lets get this started." 



******Authors note

so sorry. I know I haven't updated in so long but school has literally been killing me. Since the school year is almost over I promise I will updating a lot now. 

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