The love note

This one note can change this new poor girls life.


3. chapter-2

Isabella- I'm at school and they gave me all of the supplies that I needed and I headed to my first class. I walked in and everyone stopped and stared at me.

Teacher- class this is Isabella she is our new student, welcome Isabella! This will be your seat.

Isabella- I end up sitting next to this blonde haired guy named Niall horan. He's kinda cute but look at me I would have no chance going it with him.

Niall- as soon as class ends I catch up to her at her locker and when I say "hi there." she drops all of her books.

Isabella- OMG that cute new boy came up to me and said two words and I flipped our ad dropped all my books! Great now I'm even a bigger fool! "Oh gosh I'm sorry I didn't, I wasn't....... Hi."

Niall- she seems nervous I'll try to help calm her down. "Hi and it's ok don't worry about it I should of introduced myself, I'm Niall and you may be?".

Isabella- "umm, we'll I'm Isabella and you probably already know that I'm new here.".

Niall - " ya I kinda suspected you were new. May I take a look at your schedule?".

Isabella- "sure no problem. "

Niall- " it turns out that we have all if our classes together so if you need any help just fund me okay?".

Isabella- I'm so embarrassed that I'm holding back tears and I'm afraid to talk to him because I might say something stupid or weird. So I just nod my head and walk to my next class. When schools over I rush home as soon as possible so Niall doesn't have another chance to talk to me. When I got home I walked inside and there was a note saying " Isabella I went to a party for the week so you better keep your act right or I will have to severely punish you

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