The love note

This one note can change this new poor girls life.


2. chapter-1

Isabella- I'm a poor present girl with an abusive brother. Today I got punched in the arm because I didn't go buy him a pack of cigarets. He always abuses me for drugs and alcohol so he's not the typical brother you would imagine having. We live in an abandoned barn that I fixed up. The only way we make money well should I say the way I make money is by singing by the stores and I find food by getting food bags at my old school and now new school. We recently moved from Indiana because my brother got us kicked out of the state for breaking into drug stores. It's getting late so I head up to my room but my brother throughs a beer bottle at me and yells "go get me 5 packs of beer then get your sorry but to bed!" So like always I hurry up and get him his beer so I don't get abused. When I get back he's passed out so I leave the beer next to him and go up to my room. I need a good night of sleep because I'm starting my new school tomarrow and I'm really nervous, hopefully this time I will be able to make at least one friend.

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