Sunshine State

She was his for the summer.


1. one

Immediately after pulling up to the beach house, my little brother shot out of the car faster than a jackrabbit on steroids. "Dylan, come back here!" I screamed uselessly. After one attempt, I gave up and helped my dad with the suitcases. "I've missed it up here," I said, breathing in the warm Florida air.

My dad didn't say anything in return, but I knew he missed it as much as I had. We hadn't been up here for four years... not since the accident. "I'm gonna get dressed and then I'll go watch Dylan." I said before going up the stairs two at a time. I entered my long lost room and smiled. It was exactly the way I had left it. I put on my favorite black bikini and a pair of jean shorts before tying my wavy blue hair into a knot and heading down to the beach.

It didn't take long to spot Dylan. His short body and shaved head were a dead giveaway to his whereabouts. He was talking to a tall boy around my age with messy curls so I walked over to see what they could possibly be chatting about.

"What the hell, Dylan. Don't run off like that next time," I said, crossing my arms.

"Sorry, I couldn't resist." He shrugged. "This is Harry. He lives here, too. Well... in the house next to us at least."

"We don't live here? We're just here for the summer." I pointed out before introducing myself. "I'm Maggie."

"Actually your name is Margaret!" Dylan stuck his tongue out; I kicked his shin in retaliation.

"Same for me. Once September rolls around, I'll be heading back to England." Harry said and I noticed the accent.

"England?" I couldn't help but gape.

Harry nodded. "In a little town called Holmes Chapel."

"Cool. Well, it was nice meeting you Harry! See you around!" I said, grabbing Dylan's arm. "Let's go eat."

"Pleasure meeting you as well, Maggie. I hope to see you soon," he said before taking off in the opposite direction.

"Please stop staring at his backside. It's creeping me out." Dylan grumbled before sprinting towards the house.

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