The Siblings | Z.M

Shy Girl Daisy Roman and Bad Boy Zayn Malik have been best friends ever since they were younger. They spend every minute of the day together. One day Zayn and Daisy overheard there parents talking about telling them something.

What will it be?
I wonder what will happen?


1. 1.

Im Daisy Roman, 18 years old, I have long red hair and hazel eyes. Im a very outgoing person, smart and popular. My best friend is the schools bad boy, Zayn Malik the one and only. I am a very smart girl, straight A student. I also am the cheerleading captain but I'm not one of those mean captains I'm nice and helpful. My dad left my sister and I when we were younger. Oh yep I have a sister well in fact a twin sister, her name is Kylie, she has hazel eyes like me but long brown hair, we are very close and do everything together.


Hi, Im Zayn Malik, Im the schools bad boy, my best friend is Daisy Roman, I have liked her ever since it was younger but I don't know how to tell her. I am a bad boy but I still get very good grades, I'm a straight A student. I have four other best friends other than Daisy and they are Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. We all the schools bad boys and no one messes with us. My mum left me when I was younger.



I know this chapter suckss, yeah but just bare with me! xo Love Aaliyah

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