An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


12. Two Assingments and a Detention

I woke up early in the morning, and decided to get quickly dressed. I wanted to go and visit Thomas, simply to see if he's gotten any better since yesterday. I basically ran out of my dormitory and common room and jogged all the way to the hospital wing. As I jogged I didn't really think about anything, and I found it quite relaxing that way. Anyhow I've reached Thomas' bed and he was still sound asleep. I sat down on a chair beside him and admire his fantastic looks. His raven black messy hair, his pure light skin and masculine face features. His eyebrows was perfect for his face, not to much and not to little, it made a perfect frame for his eyes. His eyes were at the moment closed but I knew they were icy blue and stole the attention from the rest of his face. His lips were small but I couldn't imagine it otherwise, and his nose were straight and just cute. It was almost like I was looking at a painting, I've learned something about art, it creates something almost so perfect it cannot exist. But Thomas was probably a living proof it could exist. It's almost a shame I don't have a crush on him.


I've been so deep in my own thoughts I didn't notice Evan sitting down on the other chair. I looked up at him and he held out some bread for me. I accepted the bread and understood that it was breakfast I had missed it. As I ate, Evan began speaking “Has he been awake?” I shook my head and watched Evan with a concerned expression. Evan nods his head and stroke the backside of his hand over Thomas' chin as he glance at the perfect boy with an unexplainable expression on his own face. “We better get to our classes.” As my words slipped my mouth, Evan jumped and stood up. I was confused of his reaction and decided not to ask about it since Evan now already had started walking. I run a bit to catch up with him and we walked silently to our potions class.


During this class I didn't pay much attention, which Professor Slughorn seemed to notice. He walked up to me after class and said “something wrong ms. Weather?” I glanced at him “why do you even bother to care?” I noticed that might be a bit harsh and the Professor frowned a bit before he answered “I care about all my student, and that includes you ms.Weather.” He said it like it was so simple and I knew for a fact he couldn't care about everyone while he was collecting some and for some reason it made me very mad or devastated, I don't quite know. “You cannot possibly care about every single one while you are collecting someone 'special'” I snapped. Professor Slughorn was clearly not happy with this as he replied “I wan't to see a five page assignment on today's lesson by tomorrow ms.Weather” And he left. I had an another assignment and he clearly did not care about my non existing problems either. I left the classroom and headed for Defence Against Dark Arts.


I tried to hurry up, but Professor Slughorn had made me short on time. I arrived Defence Against Dark Arts five minutes too late, and Professor Snape was not happy about it. “Why so late ms.Weather?” he asked in his cruellest tone, it wasn't really that cruel but I knew that tone, and I had earned myself a detention. It didn't really matter what I said as my defence, but I tried anyway “I was chatting with Professor Slughorn and lost track of time, Professor, I am sorry”. He was not very pleased with my excuse and as he turned around he said “Detention tomorrow at 8 am. at my office ms.Weather.” Great.. another detention for me, I actually haven't had any detentions since Umbridge was our Professor and I had to write that bloody sentence with her 'special' quill. “And five points from Ravenclaw” He added. I did not deserve those five points at all, but I just sat down and didn't discuss the case, after all Umbridge had thought me something. I glance at the back of my hand were I still had my handwritten scar and it stood so clearly “I must not discuss against my Professor”


I remembered the discussion I had with that creepy lady and I clearly didn't deserve that either. I was right all along, Voldemort did exist and my discussion was not useless. Anyhow it didn't really matter any more as I got beaten back then. I now had lost all lust to prove my points and beliefs. As long as I still knew and believed I didn't need to discuss it with anyone else. I remembered how much I talked two years ago, it was like nothing could ever shut me up, and now almost nothing could get me to speak. I wondered about why it was like that, I still felt like me, but I didn't feel the need to talk. Was I still beaten after that time? Was I silent because of her punishment? If that's the case then the punishment did work for sure.


I hadn't paid much attention to this class either, and therefore Professor Snape gave me a ten pages long assignment on today's lesson. I had to hand it over by tomorrow, I'm screwed. I took all my work with me when I went to the hospital wing. I sat down by Thomas and a part of me waited for him to wake up and the other part of me wanted to get my assignments done. I really tried, believe me, but those assignment didn't seem so important at this moment. I had my pergament on a table right in front of me, and a quill in my hand, I had my book open on the correct page, basically everything was ready for me to write, but not my mind. I started blankly in the air for hours before I finally wrote something, my name.  

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