An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


11. Thomas?

I grabbed my stuff and headed for the stairs down, but before I walked away I turned around to say something as honest “I'm sorry” I looked at him one last time, and I left. I was surprised I got this far, he didn't seemed to be the type to talk to people, even though I believed he was hurt. Maybe that's why I got this close too, he was hurt and needed comfort, still too damn proud to admit it. I met Potter on my way, and for a change he was coming from Professor Slughorn's office and not headed to our headmaster. He seemed unsuccessful, or something like that, his attitude were low.


I got closer to the Ravenclaw tower and wondered what kind of riddle I would get this time, but before giving it another thought I heard screaming. Not any kind of scream, but my friend Thomas' scream of terrible pain. I spotted Thomas quickly after hearing his screams and run up to him. He was laying on the floor, crumbled up and I knelt beside him “What's wrong? What happen?” I tried asking but he couldn't say a word, I grabbed Thomas trying to get him on his feet, but I was unsuccessful. Fortunately Evan tagged along and I commanded him to carry Thomas, “We need to get him to the hospital wing” I added. Evan nods, grabbed Thomas and we walked as quickly as we could to the hospital wing. On our way I managed to mute Thomas with a spell as I began to get a headache after his screams.


In our stress I still noticed Potter and Weasley, in a weird mood- I guessed to be love-potion-, headed to Professor Slughorn's office again. In these times I didn't give it much attention as I was occupied with my own buisness. We finally reached the hospital wing and as soon as Evan put Thomas down on a bed Thomas began twitching. Madam Pomfrey arrived with a worried look on her face. “What happen?” She asks both me and Evan. “I don't know, I found him screaming on the floor” I explained. “Screaming? At least he is not screaming now.” She began checking, and I un-muted my friend. Madam Pomfrey jumped and hurried up with her routine. I desperately wanted to help but my healing skills were not to brag about. Madam Pomfrey picked up some potion and forced it into Thomas, and he quickly got both silent and calm. “I don't know what's going on, and I will figure it out, but for now, he's getting this calming potion so he is not exhausted or in pain.” She explained and I just nod, as long as he is fine, it's okay.


She put the potion back and Potter, Professor Slughorn and Weasley walked, or rushed in the hospital wing. I focused on my friend, and Evan was deeply in his own thoughts. I didn't quite catch what they were talking about, but I heard 'bezoar' and 'poison'. Al right they have my attention now, is this the other curse I gave to Malfoy? Another unsuccessful one? Several other people joined them including Professor Dumbledore. I didn't hear them very well, but I believe they were talking about the mead and how it was for Dumbledore. And shortly after Lavender Brown entered the room and some love-drama went on. I blocked them out, I had no energy for more drama and had enough with my own. What was really going on with Thomas? Why was he in pain? I kept looking at him for answers, but he had no clues on his skin or clothes. What was he doing alone anyway? It wasn't really any of my buisness, but that might be the answer to this mystery.


I sat by Thomas' bed with Evan until we had to go to our dormitories. Our walk back was quiet, and it was completely understandable, none of us needed to talk as it was all very obvious; None of us had a clue of what had happen, and none of us had the answer. We walked up to the knocker and got our riddle. “What is something you will never see again?” I was not in the mood for smiling and I could see the knocker noticed so. “Yesterday” My voice was weak, but I gave an answer. “Well answered miss” The knocker opened the door as it spoke and Evan and I went inside. “I'll see you tomorrow.” Evan said plainly as he walked up the stairs to his own dormitory. “Yeah.” I didn't know if he hear my answer, but I answered anyway. I walked up to my dormitory and dumped my body on the bed. I didn't bother changing and as I closed my eyes I fell asleep without asking any last questions.

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