An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


16. The Devil On My Shoulder

What brilliant shit have I got my self into? Starting my day with some shit detention. As I walk down to Professor Snape's office I reconsider my choice from yesterday, and as I think about it I come to the conclusion that I wouldn't have done it any differently. Today's detention is to clean up Professor Snape's office, like really clean it. Bloody hell, I hate cleaning out someone else's stuff. As I clean I try to figure out why Thomas was so weird, why Malfoy had let me speak to him and why Evan was so distant. At the same time I couldn't shake off the feeling of something really bad happening to someone I love, I felt like someone was dying from me while I was here and couldn't do anything about it. Professor Snape dismissed me after a while and I headed to the Room of Requirement, to see how the cabinet was doing.


On my way to the empty wall I see Thomas all curled up in a windowsill, I decided to walk up to him to have a little chat. “What on earth are you doing Thomas?” I glanced down at the boy too disturbed to notice my presence. He shakes his head, before slowly turning his face towards me. I studied him closely and started wondering even more. He open his mouth to say something, but remain silent. I sat down beside him, giving him all the time he needed to gather himself. “If I did something unforgivable, would you still forgive me?” Thomas' eyes were all teared up before he could finish his sentence. “What are you talking about? I will always forgive you, no matter what” I reassured him, but it wasn't good enough since he shakes his head again. “I really mean unforgivable, if I killed someone?” A tear rolled down his cheek and I was really unsure about what was really going on. “Who did you kill?” my question was unanswered for a while.


But then he finally spoke with a voice so cold, he seemed soulless. “I killed the devil on my shoulder”. His eyes seemed to be already dead, and I had a hard time holding back my tears as my jaw dropped. “What did you do?” I took my hands on his shoulders making sure he was really there, I notice my self panicking. My panic raised as he didn't want to answer my question, and the only thing I had in mind was getting my friend to the hospital wing. He finally opened his mouth and his word shocked me “I drank poison. Enough to kill the devil hanging over my shoulder. Telling me that I'll never make it in life”.


I kept my hands on Thomas while my eyes were searching for someone strong enough to carry him. I spotted Malfoy, probably on his way to the cabinet as well. I was unsure of what he would do, if he would even help me out but I had to give it a shot. “Draco, please, can you help me get Thomas to the hospital wing?” Malfoy looked at me coldly, slowly raising a brow. I felt panic again and this time I wasn't calm, I was shouting “He's dying, Draco, please!” I could feel my tears streaming, my heart beating faster, if I was alone about this I would break, completely.


I saw Malfoy pulling himself together as he picked up Thomas and started rushing to the hospital wing. The sight almost shocked me, I had never thought he of all people would help me. As we reached the hospital wing Madame Pomfrey was upset with our rushing and demanded an explanation. “We have no time, he is dying! He drank a lot of poison” I shouted again and Madame Pomfrey was quick on her feet, as I turned to thank Malfoy for helping me out, he was all gone. I decided to catch that up later, and sat down on a chair besides Thomas watching over him. Was this the feeling from before? Why isn't it over? I saved him, right?


As the time went by, and I was lost in my thoughts. Evan seemed to have gotten the owl and was now here with me. But he wasn't upset the way I was upset, not that I expected him to feel the same way as me as it was impossible. But he was really angry, and right now, he was angry with me. “Get lost, Laura” Evan snapped, I could see he was angry but I couldn't figure why. “What?” I sounded really stupid, but it the words escaped my mouth. “Haven't you done it already? Made him sick!” Evan was now dangerously close and I stood up, trying to defend my self. “What are you talking about?” I was incredibly lost, confused and hurt at this time.


“You haven't exactly been his friend this past year, have you” Evan continued to snap at me, and I could feel my self get more hurt by each word escaping his mouth. And the only reason I was this hurt, was because he was absolutely right. “I am so sorry” I gave in, but I knew no words could help either of us now. “It's too late, just get lost will you” Evan was still mad, and all I could do was to fail my friends again by leaving them alone in the hospital wing. As I walked down the hall I needed somewhere I could be all by my self and decided to go for the Room of Requirement. I quickly walked up to the blank wall, asking strongly for the room and the wooden door showed. I didn't hesitate and walked straight inside, and headed for the cabinet as I really had no idea of where to go.


My mind was a completely mess all I could think about was how I abounded my friends, how I had treated them the past year. I covered my face with my hands hoping it would delay the sobbing, and before I knew I ran into something unexpected, Draco Malfoy.  

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