An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


13. Night Time Work

I walked to the Room of Requirement as I intended to finish my assignments before due. I knew very well that I had to be in my dormitory very soon, and if I was out of bed and spotted I would be in more trouble than necessary. I walked up to the wall and asked for the room. The door showed and I quickly went inside. The room was still messy and to start studying I needed a table and a chair. So I took a table from the pile of tables and putted it on a clear spot on the floor. I grabbed a chair and sat down, took my books and some pergament and put it on the table. And I quickly began to work. I had written four out of five pages when someone else was entering the room, I had forgot again to ask for privacy. I turned my face to the door and saw Draco Malfoy entering the room. I sat quiet and prayed for him to not spot me as he as a prefect and could get me into a lot of trouble. I quietly continued my work as I heard he continued fixing the cabinet.


By the time I was done with my five page assignment to Professor Slughorn, Malfoy had become completely quiet. It was like he had left the room, but I hadn't heard him leaving. I quietly took up my Defence Against Dark Arts book and started on the ten page assignment Professor Snape had given me, beside the five points and detention. Just my luck, right? I wrote my name on the pergament and began to write a sentence as I felt a breath on my neck. “You should be in bed, ms.Weather” Draco's cold voice gave me shivers down my spine and I froze. He walked around to face me and took a chair to sit down on the other side of the table. As he sat down I could feel my self getting paler and paler, my eyes widened and I was completely busted. Malfoy on the other hand basically sat down and said nothing.


I gathered some courage and finally spoke “Aren't you going to punish me?” I faced him with my concerned expression. “It seems you've had enough punishment for today.” His voice was still cold, but at the same time I felt like he was being kind to me. “Thank you” I was sincere and I hoped he knew. “Oh, I wouldn't thank me yet.” His voice was threatening and I became stressed again. “I'll give you an hour to get your work done, and if it isn't, we'll come back to that.” I didn't question his statement and I began to write, quickly. My intense work gave my hand an unexplainable ache but I did not say anything. I just wanted to get this done by time so I didn't have to worry about any more detentions. I glanced up and I saw Malfoy watching me and as our eyes met he raised a brow, his expression clearly told me to work. I jumped and continued my intense working.


When I finally was done, I still had five more minutes. I packed my stuff and got ready to leave the room. “Not so quick, ms.Weather.” I turned to Malfoy again and he had his eyes on me. “What?” I wanted answers, and I wondered what was the problem now? I noticed my voice sounded kind of snappy, but it didn't seem to bother Malfoy much “If you leave this room now, and head for the Ravenclaw tower, there's a 90% chance you getting busted.” He said matter of factly. I smiled, how the heck could he know that? it's impossible. “How would you know that? Snuck out so much you know Flich's routine eh?” I was getting tired and cocky and Malfoy clearly didn't like it. “It's none of your business” He snapped at me and I was getting confused. “Why are you helping me anyway?” I tried asking but I just got the same snap as before “Still none of your business!” He sure was getting mad. "I do believe it is my business, as you are helping me" I said matter of factly and Malfoy frowned in disgust. I walked closer to him, trying to get to know his limits in our 'friend'ship. 


"What is your task anyway?" I still wanted to know what he was up to. Not to tell anyone, but to just know. Malfoy got paler and his usual attitude weakened. "Still none of your business" He replied in his bravest tone. "You see it kind of is, as the twin is in my shop" Al right, it wasn't my shop but I worked there. I studied Malfoys face and I could clearly see his fear, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. I decided to speak again "Draco, I am a friend, there's no need to hide behind a mask in front of me" I saw that he got all stressed out, I triggered something and I don't know if it was good or bad. "You could tell me anything" I told him and he finally snapped "NO. I can't tell you anything, or he'll kill me!" He was all tearing up, trying to hide it. "That's what secrets are all about, I won't tell anyone" He slowly shook his head "You don't know what it is like". He sounded convincing, he was right. I don't know what it was like to work with the Dark Lord. "Do I want to experience that?" I asked out of curiosity as I still was unsure of my loyalty. Malfoy became all quiet and I stepped back to give him some space. I didn't wan't to lose him as I still had many questions.


Malfoy stood up after a while and walked against me, his new attitude scared me. It seemed like he was up to no good. “Come with me” He finally said with a small smug on his face, which scared me a bit. I know he was a good looking fellow, and that girls almost always fell for the bad boys, but this boy simply scared me sometimes. I never knew where I had him, and to me that was exhausting. I tried really hard, okay not that hard, to be his friend or at least get to know him. I followed Malfoy and we walked out of the Room of Requirement. I was now officially terrified. I would be so devastated if he were to rat at me, or if we were to get caught. But he, he just simply walked like this was an ordinary situation, like it was a sunny day and yet his attitude was cold as ice. I start guessing this was his way of saying thank you, even though I was unsure of what he was thankful for. Maybe my 'friend'ship, I admired that when the thought came to my head.


Another question popped up in my mind when we walked in the hallway, and I might have accidentally said it out loud. “You are unsure of your loyalty” My voice was low, and I sort of said it like a statement. Draco jumped and suddenly stopped. He quickly turned to me with his wand drawn and pointed at my throat. He just looked me in the eyes and his expression was indescribable. But I guessed I was sort of right about my statement, but to try and calm him down I added “Kidding” I wore my convincing face and tried to relax both me and him. He had his wand drawn a little bit more before taking it down. “You are on your own from here ms.Weather” his voice was whispering, still snapping but really quiet. I simply nodded and watch him leave me alone in the hallway. I continued my adventurous walk, undisturbed up to the Ravenclaw tower. It was soon morning and I bet the knocker isn't pleased with my arrival.


“What is it that leaps and bounds and yet has no feet” The knocker gave me a riddle, but as I guessed, it was clearly not pleased this time. “I believe the answer you are looking for is a ball.” I tried smiling, I was almost whispering my answer. The knocker was not amused and opened the door for me, and I finally entered my common room safe and sound.

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