An Untold Story

The story is about a Ravenclaw named Laura Weather, who is about to enter a dangerous path as she decides to secretly help Draco Malfoy with the task, the dark lord has given him.


21. My Very Ending

I don't know how long I've been here, but long enough to have found a small rock and ripped in the words "I forgive you" in the floor. Long enough to have lost both my hunger and thirst, no longer craving anything. Long enough to know I am not getting out here alive. I have heard a lot of noises from the floor above me, screams and laughter. I hear a set of new screams, but I do no longer pay attention. The sound reaches the top of the stairs and I turn my head to see; my teacher! Professor Burbage from muggle studies, are getting dragged down the stairs and tossed inside the cellar. I am so occupied with my professor being here I barely notice someone grabbing me and drag me up the stairs. I try to cover my eyes with my arm, it is too bright up here. 


"Where lies your loyalty, ms.Weather?" I hear a weak voice as the man seemed to be whispering to me, but loud. "What?" I am so confused, I have lost track of time, I can barely see anything and thinking about loyalty right now is absurd. Before I even know I can feel some ropes attack me and tangle me, taking a firm grip around me. Squeezing my chest, making it hard to breathe. I am floating, but I am unable to move. I am floating above a table, there's people sitting around it. The man who spoke to me earlier is speaking about me, to the others I believe. Suddenly I stop moving and my eyes rest on a blonde haired boy sitting around the table. 


He is sitting with his family. Narcissa and Lucius both seem very tired, but Draco on the other hand is keeping it together for now. He seems scared, uncomfortable. He does not look at me, but down on the table. I feel relieved that I finally see someone I know, someone I have seen before. And he is as handsome as he has always been. The voices stop talking and Draco is now looking at me. His eyes are trying to hold it, but worried, sad, scared and tired. all at once. 


The silence seems to last forever, and suddenly they start discussing again, when Draco turn his eyes back down at the table. I hear a woman's voice roar something about Greyback, I notice a few arguments, agony and such, but I do not take my eyes off Malfoy. There's something about that boy that I will never understand, and I am accepting that now, I accept the fact that I will never know what really went on or is still going on. I will never understand how he is functioning or how he really is. But in my world, he is kind, a man of his words, scared but protective and for me, that is okay. 


The argument stop, and Draco looks back at me, I try to pull a smile to tell him it is okay. I don't know if I made it, if he understood as the last thing I see is Draco Malfoy getting light up by a bright green light. 

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